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Announce New Product Updates, Feature Releases, and Changelog

Increase feature adoption and keep your customers in the loop with no-code changelog widgets. Get instant reactions about new features so that you can build better products.

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Release Notes Software

Tell users what is new with your product

Write engaging changelog to announce new product updates, improvements, or bug fixes. featureOS helps you write beautiful changelog with a powerful editor.

  • Nudge users to try new features with changelog widgets

  • Email customers about new product updates

  • Write beautiful changelog with a powerful editor

What's New Widgets

No-code widgets to update your customers

Install featureOS changelog widgets inside your product to keep your customers in the loop. Notify your customers about new product updates, feature releases, and bug fixes. Nudge them if they have not tried new features.

  • Hosted changelog portal to announce new product updates

  • Fully customizable changelog widgets to fit your brand

  • Map custom domains to your changelog portal

Good Release Notes Editor

Rich, Powerful, and Beautiful Changelog Editor

Write rich and engaging release notes or changelog that your customers will love reading. Embed videos, images, and even Figma files inside your changelog.

  • Rich embeds to view videos, images, and Figma files in-line

  • Support for Markdown to write beautiful changelog

  • Write great changelog even on the move with mobile optimized view

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Automatic Status Updates

Automatically email users about new updates

Without lifting a finger, automatically update your users as soon as you update the status of a feature. These micro-changelog or micro-release notes helps your users to stay informed about the progress of a feature.

  • Automatically update users about new status changes

  • Get instant feedback or reactions from users

  • Go from capturing feedback to shipping features in no time

Screenshot of featureOS feedback boards where users can vote on product features

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