Collect feedback from different sources in one place

Learn how you can use featureOS to collect customer feedback from different sources in one place and automate customer feedback collection.

Feedback Boards

Examples of Customer Feedback Boards

With every subscription, featureOS provides one of the most powerful hosted feedback board portals. Feedback Boards can either be Public to all your customers or Private to only your team.

With built-in features like submitting new feedback, upvoting on existing feedback, and real-time collaboration over comments, a community of customers who grow happy with your product, automagically grows on featureOS.

Private Feedback Boards

With private feedback boards, you can restrict access to the feedback boards to your team. This way, you can ensure that your team members can only see the feedback that they are assigned to.

Public Feedback Boards

Public feedback boards are available to all your customers and the public. Public feedback boards allow you to showcase the strength of your community, your product features, and your product roadmap to potential customers as well.

Feedback Sources

featureOS Feedback Sources

featureOS supports a variety of input sources for customer feedback. Here are the high-level sources featureOS supports:

Connect featureOS to your feedback sources like Intercom, Zendesk, and more to automatically capture feedback into featureOS. Now, suddenly, instead of hunting across multiple products to check for customer feedback, you have one tool — your featureOS Dashboard.

Since featureOS supports hundreds of input sources already, you can connect to as many as you want, and automate the whole process within a few minutes.


Integrate with even more tools like Jira, ClickUp, and a lot more to push feedback into featureOS as well. Above all, featureOS is built to work with as many tools as you can imagine, and this allows you to push feedback from literally all the places across your work apps to featureOS.

With featureOS, you can quickly and easily pull or push feedback from and to your featureOS Workspace. And since featureOS is designed from ground-up to work for companies of all sizes, you never have to worry about how much feedback you can collect.

Widgets, Embeds, & more

We understand the importance of placing feedback forms in the right place. Our goal is to make sure your customers are encouraged to give you feedback without all the overwhelming efforts and user interfaces.

featureOS widgets, embeds, and APIs make it super easy for you to integrate feedback forms into your product. Just paste the widget code into your product’s code, and the rest happens automagically. Even better, you can embed just one widget for display feedback board, your product roadmap, and to show your latest product updates.

Import via CSV, or APIs

When you are moving into featureOS, you might have a bunch of feedback from earlier. Just simply bring it to us, and we will handle the rest. You can bring a CSV file as large as 50mb, and featureOS imports it for you with a detailed import report sent to you after the process is complete.

And since featureOS is built to be very developer-friendly, you can also import your feedback via featureOS APIs and make the whole process easier.

Even better, if the import process is overwhelming for you, simply ping us on the support chat, and we will handle the task for you.

Private & Public Feedback Boards

Real-time Feedback Management Dashboard

featureOS comes with a powerful real-time dashboard that is TV worthy. As you receive feedback at scale, you can see it happen in real-time, and also collaborate with your team in real-time about the feedback you have already received.

The featureOS platform as a whole is super fast and easy to use. With little to no loading screens, it allows you to get things done faster than you could have ever imagined. This is state of the art engineering, and the many first-time inventions that make it possible.

Multi-language Support

featureOS supports over 21 languages spoken across the world. This enables you to communicate with your customers in the language they speak, and give you feedback in the language of their choice.

Since featureOS team ships a new feature every 14 days, you can request to get a language added, and we will hop on it. Ultimately, our intention is to help people from all over the world who speak different languages and dialects.

Anonymous Submissions

Allow guests or non-logged-in users to submit feedback and vote. You choose who you want to hear from so that you can get the most important feedback from the people who matter to you and your business.

You can make this choice for each of your feedback boards, which automatically reflects the choice in the roadmap module on featureOS as well.

Feedback Letterbox

For every feedback board, you get a unique email address that you can use to forward feedback to the featureOS Board. This way, you always BCC your new customer feedback that you receive via email.

No more of those “FYI” emails that you get every time your customer support team receives a new feedback.

Feedback Inbox

featureOS is your feedback inbox for your product. Feedback Inbox is a centralized repository to collect feedback from various sources like Slack, Intercom, Zapier, and more.

From your feedback inbox, you can filter out feedback based on the criteria that you can set from the data your customers have given you. Even better, featureOS automatically summarizes all your customer feedback and helps you go through them within seconds.