Ship features people want

Ship features that impact your end-users. Use product roadmap to build impact-driven features.

New Changelog Notifications

Automatically email customers whenever you make a new product update to nudge that feature adoption you are looking for.

Bring your own SMTP

Instead of featureOS sending notifications about thw new updates, send it from your own SMTP server and make it your own.

Widgets, modals, and more

Nudge users about any new update in a changelog modal, widget, or through a hosted changelog portal.

AI Assisted Changelog

Let featureOS AI prepare a changelog for you automatically based on the feature requests you completed working on. This way, you can choose from the different drafts that featureOS AI already created for you, edit them, and publish them.

Knowledge Base

Once you ship a new feature, help users adopt the new feature with a beautiful knowledge base. Write a knowledge base article and keep it updated with featureOS AI.

Instant Reactions

Let your customers react instantly to new released you are making so that you know that you made the right call, even after you ship the feature.