Right Setup & Support
Designed for You.

Joint Venture is designed to help you get your featureOS setup, customized, and managed to suit your business. We'll set up your new featureOS account, train your team, and just make sure you are all set to use featureOS to its fullest.

Joint Venture

We'll get you set up.

The featureOS Support will work with you from the moment you sign up to make sure your new featureOS workflow are up and adding value to your business. We'll transfer your existing data from other services, unify your workflow and setup integrations for you so that you can focus on what you do best.

Join Venture comes with a membership program so you can easily access all of the Joint Venture services like scheduled training, importing data from other sources, and even data-based reporting for your team.

Once everything is set up for you and your team, we'll get you trainign videos and resources to help you and your team get started around your new featureOS account. You'll be ready to hit the ground running with featureOS in no time.

We'll get you trained.

Custom Workshops

Fortnightly workshops are tailored to work for your team who are working with featureOS for the first time and need help with the basics.

As you add new people to your team, we'll show them everything they need to know about featureOS. We also offer special workshops for C-suite team members to help them understand the incredible value that comes packed with featureOS.

Dedicated Support

For the first time ever, you can talk to an engineer at featureOS directly over a call. You have unprecedented access to our core engineers who can quickly help you with integrating featureOS into your product, or fix an issue that is realted to using featureOS.

Joint Venture

Get your Joint Venture Support Program started

Getting into a JV Support Program is very simple. Just head to your featureOS Dashboard, and purchase the Joint Venture power-up. Rest is automatically taken care of for you.