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featureOS is a feedback aggregation and analysis tool from various sources for product teams.

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featureOS is an integral asset to not only our workflow, but ultimately strengthening the relationship with our user-base.

— Ryan M.

How featureOS helped TradingLite


Successfully operating TradingLite within the fiercely competitive crypto space, is highly dependent upon our ability to maintain a proactive approach with our user-base. To consistently achieve this, we experimented with a variety of feedback, roadmap and change-log solutions.

Despite adopting various, sometimes all-in-one integrations, we’d often feel each aspect seemed disjointed from another. Dissatisfied, we would resort to finding yet another new solution, often at the cost of our own development time and resources.

At times, having to in effect manage the feedback, roadmap, change-log, release, process ourselves, not only defeated the purpose of these supposed integrations entirely, the speed in which we could exceed our community’s ever-evolving expectations, critical to our competitive edge, was unnecessarily hampered.


Having made the switch to featureOS just over a year ago, our ability to assess, prioritize, implement and publish our product updates, has never been easier.

In terms of our user’s interaction, fully authenticated feedback via feature requests have spawned a greater sense of community with respect to both presence and discussion not only amongst themselves, but directly with the whole team at TradingLite.

The ease with which our users can create, discuss and vote upon posts has increased the quality of the feedback we receive, which has led to far more insight to our customer’s requirements. This in turn maximize the confidence in direction of our key business decisions.

Internal communication, assignment, status update, automatic generation and subsequent publish of our change-log, keeps both our team focused and our users informed and notified of the direct impact they make to TradingLite’s goal of delivering industry leading data analysis.

In short, featureOS is an integral asset to not only our workflow, but ultimately strengthening the relationship with our user-base, and consequently our business as whole.