Frequently Asked Questions

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What is featureOS?

featureOS is a user feedback tool where your users can provide feedback on your product or upvote on feature requests. It is a great way to get feedback from your users and improve your product.

As a product owner, you always know what features to prioritize next and what to remove. featureOS helps you prioritize and remove features that are not working as expected with your users.

With featureOS, you can be transparent to your users about what you are working on and reduce the time spent responding to feature requests. Hundreds of product owners save time and effort by using featureOS, making featureOS the #1 feedback tool for product owners.

What is feature upvote tool?

Feature voting has become popular among product owners in the last few years. Having your users vote on features they would like to use is a great way to know what to build next and reduce the uncertainty of losing customers.

Give featureOS a try to have your users upvote on features.

What are user feedback boards?

User feedback boards are a great way to organize feedback from your users. You can segregate and collect feedback from your users in different categories with boards. Some of the most popular feedback boards are:

  • Feature requests
  • Bug reports
  • Support tickets
  • Internal feedback
How to integrate feedback boards into my product?
A user feedback tool like featureOS offers multiple ways to integrate feedback boards into your product. One of the best ways is to embed the feedback boards with a simple code snippet. These embeds allow your users to easily interact with the feedback boards within your product. Here are some features they could make use of:
  • Request new features
  • Report bugs and improvements
  • Upvote on features
  • Comment on existing feature requests
  • Keep themselves updated about the status of feature requests
Can I import posts into featureOS?

Hundreds of users have switched from to featureOS for a better feature set and experience. Our team can help you migrate data from to featureOS within 48 hours.

You can reach out to us at our contact us page, and we will help you out.

Is featureOS free?

No. featureOS does not come with a free plan. Paid plans starts for only $29/month. We used to have a free plan, but we have discontinued it.

Where is featureOS hosted?

100% of featureOS's servers are hosted within the EU. Our backup servers, clusters, blob storage, and others included.

Is featureOS GDPR compliant?

Yes. featureOS is GDPR compliant. You can read more about GDPR compliance in our GDPR policy.

Does featureOS integrate with Intercom?

Yes. featureOS integrates with Intercom to gather real-time feedback from your users.

What are the free alternatives to Canny?

Top 10 alternatives

  1. featureOS - Considered the best alternative to
  2. ProductBoard
  3. Pendo
  4. Nolt
  5. UserVoice
  6. Savio
  7. Featureupvote
  8. SurveyMonkey
  9. GetFeedback
  10. Upvoty
What is Product Changelog?

Product Changelog is a method of informing customers about new product updates. For SaaS products, product changelogs are crucial to keep their customers informed about updates and improve feature awareness.