featureOS Reviews

Customer Reviews and Ratings of featureOS (2024)

Learn what customers are saying about featureOS (formerly Hellonext).

We switched over from a hacked-together system of Trello, Typeform, and Slack - and we couldn't be happier. We feel much closer to our users.Mike from Buffer
featureOS is the best option for us at Anny. It covers most of our needs and is affordable than the competition.Anna from Anny.co
featureOS is an integral asset to not only our workflow, but ultimately strengthening the relationship with our user-baseProduct Team at TradingLite
We use featureOS purely for our product discovery process and this is helping us evolve how we manage our products.Team at Asolvi
It has been a game-changer for Contractor Foreman and we are glad to work with featureOS as we both work to provide a tool that meets the needs of most companies at a price that all can afford.Steven from ContractorForeman
Implementing featureOS has been a fantastic success for our team. It has helped us to be more organized, responsive, and effective, and it was well accepted among our customers as well.Hana from Peopleforce
Everything is now in one place, so we can understand what our community wants and share our own plans without doing extra work – all at a very reasonable price.Product Team at Remnote