Features Designed to Empower You. More than ever.

featureOS is a complete customer feedback management software for SaaS products. You can collect, manage, and act on feedback from your customers.

Feedback Collection Tool

Choose how you want to collect feedback from your users/team.

Product Roadmap Tool

Choose how you want to collect feedback from your users/team.

Changelog Publishing Tool

Choose how you want to collect feedback from your users/team.

There is so much more...

featureOS Feedback Boards come packed with powerful features that help you become a superpower. Here are some features we have listed below.

Core features

The basics

<150 performance

Get things done at superhuman speeds with Hellonext. Optimized for performance throughout.

Context menus

Perform actions quickly with just a *right* click. Add tags, change status, and so much more anywhere with context menus.

Beautifully designed

We've designed Hellonext to give you the right information at the right time in the most elegant way possible. This is art.

API-first development

We use our own API to build the user interface. All the features are API-first to help you build custom workflows.

Fortnightly new features

New features roll-out every 14-days. Upgrades to existing features everyday.

Experienced team

Super talented people come together to build Hellonext. Learn more →

Dark & light mode

Switch between dark mode and light mode seamlessly to go easy on your eyes.

Multi-language support

Hellonext supports over 8 global languages are the list is growing.

Search engine privacy

Prevent search engines from crawling your feedback portal for privacy.

Whitelisted domains

Allow only certain users from a domain to signup or interact with you.

Multiple signin options

Signin with Apple, Google or GitHub to interact with Hellonext.

Powerful Analytics Dashboard

Experience one of the most powerful Analytics dashboard for your product.


Custom OpenGraph image

Upload a custom OG image to customize Hellonext for sharing on social media.

Custom brand colors

Choose your brand color to customize Hellonext even more for your need.

Custom favicon

Upload your own favicon of your product to make Hellonext your own.

Custom links

Add links to your product, about page and more with custom links.

Configure email notifications

Decide whether admins or users should receive email notifications or not.

Set default homepage

Choose which Hellonext module should be the default view for your portal.

Disable Hellonext branding

Disable Powered by Hellonext branding on your account.

Map custom domain

Bring your own domain to your Hellonext account. Like feedback.yourproduct.com.

Powerful Editor

Drag-drop-done performance

Drag an image into the editor anywhere on the platform to add more context to a post.

@ mention someone

Keep everyone included with just an @ mention in comments & posts.

Tag a post

Referring to some other post? Just type #, and link the post with ease.

Copy, paste, link development

Select a text and directly paste a link from your clipboard. Lesser clicks. Faster actions.

Rich styling features

Bold, italics, underline, we've got you covered. Even tables, type em' out easily.

Copy & paste an image

Paste an image directly from your clipboard into Hellonext Editor. No more hassle.

Markdown friendly

All the power of Markdown language you need, now on Hellonext Editor.

Automatic styling

Hellonext intelligently styles your content automagically as you type.

Smart text recognition

Hellonext recognizes smart character like (c), which becomes ©

Keyboard shortcuts

Don't move your finger away from the keyboard. Get things done with shortcuts.

Automagically saved

Everything you type is saved on your browser. Even when you lose your internet connection.

Embed YouTube videos

Embed responsive YouTube videos for posts, comments, or changelog.

Team Collaboration

User Roles

Invite your teams, give them appropriate roles to deal with customer feedback on Hellonext.


Developer APIs

Everything is API first

When a new feature rolls out, it rolls out with APIs for you to take advantage of.

Super fast API response

We ensure our APIs are super fast in response times to make sure you get a better experience.

Native Integrations


Sync data between JIRA and Hellonext seamlessly and in rea-time.


Get notified on Slack, and act upon the feedback from Hellonext.


Turn an Intercom message into a post on Hellonext.


Create or link Zendesk tickets for feedback you receive on Hellonext.


Create new tasks and sync data between ClickUp and Hellonext.


Configure workflows for 1000s of apps with Hellonext for Zapier.

Azure Active Directory

Authenticate users from Azure AD for restricted areas on Hellonext.


Create or link issues between Linear and Hellonext.


Integrate FullStory to track user activity on Hellonext.


Integrate Plausible analytics to track user behavior on Hellonext.

Fathom Analytics

Integrate Fathom analytics tracking script to see user activity.

Google Analytics

Integrate Google Analytics tracking scripts to know user behavior.


Bring your Crisp chat widget right within Hellonext to chat with users.


Embed your Freshchat widget within Hellonext to keep users engaged.


Bring your Tidio chat widget right within Hellonext to chat with users.


Bring your Belco chat widget right within Hellonext to chat with users.


Bring your Drift chat widget right within Hellonext to chat with users.


Bring your Trengo chat widget right within Hellonext to chat with users.

Help Scout

Bring your Help Scout chat widget right within Hellonext to chat with users.


Link your Patreon account to Hellonext to collect contributions.


Sync customer info and data between HubSpot and Hellonext.

More integrations

New integrations are coming up. Track them here →


Built for scale

Get real-time notifications about activities via Hellonext Webhooks.


Choose the activities for which you'd like to get notified via webhooks.

Widgets & Embeds

Popup widgets

Integrate a popup widget anywhere on your platform with a simple code snippet.

Sideover changelog widget

Showcase changelog within your product with a beautiful slide-over modal within your product.

Feedback Boards

Privacy options

Public boards

Choose to keep your feedback boards open to all.

Private boards

Restrict access to boards only to select few with private boards.

Single sign-on

Enable SSO to allows your existing customers to submit feedback hassle-free.

Dedicated SSO page

Setup your own SSO page to have users login into your Hellonext account.

SSO redirects

Setup and test custom redirects for your SSO login workflow.

Mask user details

Mask user names from others with mask user details option.

Partially Mask user details

Show user details only to users from the same company/team.

Guest submissions

Allow anonymous feedback submissions without having to sign-in.

Guest comments

Allow anonymous comment submissions without having to sign-in.

Guest votes

Allow anonymous votes to your posts without having to sign-in.


Posts moderation

Approve posts before they get shows to others on your Hellonext account.

Comments moderation

Approve comments before someone else could see it. Prevent spam.

Voting options


Allow people to upvote on a feature on the feedback board.


Allow people to downvote (optional) on posts on feedback boards.

Limit votes for users

Limit the number of votes a user can submit for a time-period.

Reset votes

Reset upvotes or downvotes if you would like to get a fresh start.


Real-time comments

Collaborate in real-time with comments between you and your users.

Internal comments

Collaborate in real-time within your team with real-time internal comments.

Assign posts

Assign a post to someone from your team. Help them handle the feedback from users.

Mention users

@ mention anyone from a comment or a post to keep them in the loop.

Bulk invite members

Invite hundreds of people with a single invite link for private boards.

Email submitter

Email a post author to privately sync up with them about a post.

Canned Responses

Respond to customer queries quickly with Canned Responses.

Feedback submission

Submit via email

Use Letterbox to submit new feedback via a unique email address.

Vote on behalf

Vote on behalf of someone else on a post that they support.

Post on behalf

Post on behalf of someone else on a feedback board to keep them in loop.

Subscribe a user

Independently subscribe a user to a feedback post to keep them in loop.

Form templates

Create pre-filled templates for your users to fill when submitting feedback.

Custom form titles

Change the title or the form, and update in a way that appeals to your users.

Custom form placeholders

Update form placeholders to make it even more descriptive for your users.

Merge duplicate posts

Merge multiple duplicate posts into one single one to keep things neat.

Post suggestion during submission

Hellonext automatically suggests similar posts when submitting new post.

Priority ratings

Prompt users to tell you the priority of a post they are voting on.

Managing feedback

Add tags to posts

Organize posts with tags. Name them the way you want to organize.

Move between boards

Move a post between boards with all the original details without any hassle.

Hide posts

Hide posts from others with a single click. Keep things private between you & users.

Pin posts

Pin the most important post on top on a feedback board.

Pin comments

Pin a featured comment on top for a post.

Set estimated completion date

Share when a feature is expected to be completed with ETC.

Import posts from CSV

Import large-scale posts from other platforms like Canny, Zendesk or from CSV.

Import posts via API

Use our API to continuously replicate posts from various sources into Hellonext.

Disable comments

Optionally disable comments on some posts if you choose to.

Read-only boards

Allow users to only vote or comment on existing posts.

Mark as read

Mark a post as read or unread to save things for later.

Team inbox

Experience a shared team inbox to pick things up between teams.

Powerful filters

Plough through feedback posts with powerful filters from your dashboard.

Bookmark filters

Apply a filter, copy the URL, share with others to share the same filters.

Saved filters

Save your favorite filters to quickly access whenever you need it.

Wide sorting options

Sort feedback posts from Admin Dashboard with a wide range of sorting options.

Other features

Update board slug

Change the slug for boards to suit your needs better.

Add board description

Give context to what the boards are about to your users.

Update board slug

Change the slug for boards to suit your needs better.

Archive Boards

Archive unused boards to make way for new ones.

Product Roadmap


By boards

Show roadmap based on the boards you have on your Hellonext account.

Private roadmap

Show your product roadmap only to people you wish to. Customers, partners & such.

JIRA integration

Sync your roadmap with JIRA projects to automatically sync between JIRA and Hellonext Roadmap.

Custom roadmap

Customize every aspect of your roadmap cards with customizable roadmap option. Add an image, tag posts & more.

Visualize posts

Visually showcase your product roadmap to your users with Kanban view.

Embed anywhere

Embed your product roadmap within your product and keep users updated.

Tag feedback posts

Link existing feedback to a roadmap card to give context to users.

Custom sort options

Choose from a variety of sort options to order the roadmap cards.

Custom column names

Customize the names of the columns that suits your needs.

Custom statuses

Change the names of the statuses to reflect the way you work.

Add image to cards

Add image to cards to make your roadmap engaging.

Drag-drop Kanban Cards

Drag & drop your cards in Roadmap lanes in Kanban view.


Basic features


Add labels to changelog entries easily to categorize the changelog.


Embed your changelog anywhere you feel fit to keep your users updated.

Share changelog

Share a single changelog with your user easily with the share feature.

Custom branding

Change the look and feel of your changelog with custom branding options.

Supports heavy content

Write to your heart's content. We got you covered with our tech.

Recognize team members

Rolling out a new feature? Tag your team to give them some appreciation.

Reactions to changelog

Get instant reactions from users with emoji reactions for changelog posts.

Nudge users about updates

Let users know when there is a new update to your changelog.

Tag completed posts

Tag the feature you completed from feedback boards into a changelog entry.

Make changelog private

Publish private changelog for select few customers you choose.

Schedule changelog

Write now. Publish later. Schedule changelog when you want it to get published.


Core features


All your notifications goes into the inbox with infinite loading.

Save for later

Save a notification to attend later when it is appropriate.

Saved inbox

Use the dedicated Saved inbox to see the list of things you need to get back to.

Filter notifications

See only what you need with advanced notifications filters.

Mark as done

Mark a notification item as done when to keep your inbox neat and tidy.

Manage your account

Manage profile

Custom avatar

Upload your own work avatar that your users can see and know who you are.

Customize notifications

Choose which notifications you get from various Hellonext modules.

Frequently Asked Questions

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