About us

We are on a mission to increase the number of customer-first companies in the world.


We're chiseling a product management tool for teams who care about customers.

Every person on Earth is a customer of some products, and most product don't care (or don't know how to care) for their customers as soon as they taste profits. This needs to change, and the change starts with listening to voice of the customer.

Over the years, we have been growing frustrated with the quality of service many products offer, and we want to help change that in the industry. We start off with a feedback management platform that is so easy, powerful, and seamless at the same time. We called it featureOS (formerly Hellonext).

We see featureOS as the way a product team works, rather than a tool that they deploy in their workflow. Today, featureOS is being used by hundreds of customer-first companies to build great products, and we continue to grow every day.

We don't just preach companies to become customer centric, we practice it in every way possible.


We're creating art. Not just a product.

We get 1% better every day. That's it. That's what we strive for.


Quality of a product is not in the marketing, it is about gaining customers' trust as they use our products over time. At featureOS, it starts with an intern writing website copy and extends to the CX professional talking to a customer.

Add Value

Every decision we make leads to this one core concept at featureOS — Adding value to the customer.

We have a saying internally: "Even if the competitors are 100% free, it's not cheap enough for the value featureOS provides."

Build character

Every product has a character. Product Character is defined by how the company responds in a certain way in different situations (good, bad, and ugly).

Embrace the journey

We know we're not perfect — we can never be. We believe that anyone who says they've got everything 100% right is just lying. We love the journey we are on towards perfection. 1% every day. That's what we aim for.


Self-made. Self-funded. Loved by customers.

We never waited to get funded. We knew that the problem we're solving for our customers cannot wait, and we've been on this journey for the past 10 years.

Today, we're proudly profitable, funded by customers' revenue, and run by employees.

The best teams run featureOS.

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For once, find your career's calling. Work where learning and improving yourself is essential. Make yourself 1% better everyday.

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