Is featureOS for me?

You are building your product, and you want to retain existing customers as well as attract new customers every month. One of the easiest ways to do this is to give your customers a self-service portal where they can provide feedback or submit new bug reports. This works asynchronously, saving you time, and it helps your customers get on with their day without getting stuck as well.

This is exactly when you need a platform that allows your customers to submit feedback, automatically updates them as the feedback gets worked on, and lets them know when you ship the feedback-based improvements to your customers. All of this happens asynchronously and automatically.

On this page, we’ll try to explain all the aspects of featureOS and help you understand whether it is the right fit for you or not.

What is featureOS?

featureOS is a SaaS platform that helps collect and analyze feedback from different sources. It is designed from the ground up to be an assistant to Product Managers in making the right decisions.

Who uses featureOS?

Our customers range from SaaS products to government organizations who are keen on creating a central source of truth for their product’s customer feedback. featureOS is designed to scale for companies who have a production-grade product with an existing customer base.

What do people use featureOS for?

featureOS is commonly used for:

  • Collecting feedback from different sources
  • Analyzing customer feedback with AI
  • Informing customers about new features
  • Providing customer support

While these are the top use cases for featureOS, there are many more.

What are the benefits of using featureOS?

We see companies get value out of featureOS every day for three reasons:

  1. Unify feedback collection: You don’t have to go to multiple places and spend time collecting feedback.
  2. Keep customers informed: When you release a new feature, you publish a changelog and your customers already know what’s new.
  3. Save time & cost: You don’t have to spend hours manually collecting, organizing, and analyzing feedback.

How do I know featureOS is right for me?

Our purpose is to increase the number of customer-centric companies in the world. Our customers often tell us that they are overwhelmed by the number of requests for their product and featureOS saves them a ton of time (and money) handling them.

Since featureOS integrates with all major tools (and growing), you no longer need to switch between different tools to get your feedback.

featureOS provides instant value if you spend time combing through feedback from different sources to make the right decisions for your product’s direction.

Why would featureOS not be the right fit for me?

If you are the type of company that goes with your gut instead of relying on customer-provided data about your product, then featureOS will not add value for you.

featureOS offers features that are designed to collect feedback from different sources and help you analyze them.

What integrations are a great fit for featureOS?

featureOS comes with 50+ integrations out of the box. Some of the most popular integrations are:

featureOS also comes with a very powerful API that allows you to build any integration that might work for you.

Check our developer docs .

Does featureOS come with an SDK?

Yes. featureOS comes with a powerful JS SDK that you can use and easily integrate with your product. You can also choose to get our engineering hours to get the integration done.

Where can I learn more?

There are a lot of resources from which you can learn about featureOS. Here are a few of the places we recommend:

We’re here to help you with any query you may have. Just reach out to us, and we’ll be right there.

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