A new way to manage &
understand customer feedback

With an incredibly good design, powerful analytics engine, and a unique product experience, featureOS lets you uncover important product decisions backed by your own data.

feedback boards on featureOS

Step #1

Connect & collect feedback

featureOS your smooth operator. Connect your workflow tools like Intercom, Slack, and 100s more with featureOS, and you bring all your feedback into one hub.

Feedback Boards

Collect feedback via feedback boards either private or public. Create boards for every purpose.

50+ Feedback Sources

Send and receive data even between tools with featureOS as your middleware. Integrate with 50+ tools.

Embed, Popup, or Link

Embed featureOS in your website, or link it to your customer's web app for them collect feedback.

Import via CSV, or APIs

Import feedback from your customers via CSV or APIs. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Bring millions of feedback.

Auto Duplicate Detection

Use featureOS AI to automatically detect and merge duplicate posts so that you can keep things clean.

Anonymous Feedback

You have the choice to allow users to vote on feedback without them needing to be logged in.

21+ Languages Supported

Choose the language you specify, and the language your customers understand from over 21 languages.

Real-time Dashboard

Get real-time updates from your customers about their feedback. See feedback from all sources.

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Step #2

Analyze & Prioritize w/ Kal

Get the help of featureOS AI to automatically analyze and prioritize your feedback at scale. featureOS AI works to help you analyze feedback even when you sleep.

Powerful real-time analysis

Make data-informed decision about your feedback with real-time analysis from featureOS Dashboard.

AI Powered & Customizable

Let featureOS automatically analyze your customer feedback without any effort. Saving your time.

Private & Public Boards

Create Boards to serve a specific purpose. Share Boards exclusively for your team for internal use.

Importance and Urgency

Get real-time information from the user about the importance and urgency of their feedback.

Analytics for other tools

Integrate tools like Intercom and JIRA to analyze feedback coming through those channels on featureOS.

Analyze MRR and LTV

Weighted metrics to help you analyze feedback based on your customers MRR and LTV.

Turn around time reports

Learn about how fast you are moving as a product and how it affects your customers & their sentiments.

Segment & prioritize

Set automatic views to segment and categorize feedback on the fly & share with your team.

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Step #3

Plan your roadmap

Use all the analytics, burnout data, and so much more to make a quick decision on building a solid roadmap for your products that yeilds results.

Visually Plan Roadmap

Visualize your roadmap with real-time feedback from your customers and your team.

Build multiple roadmaps

Don's stop with just one roadmap. Create multipe product roadmaps for different use-cases.

Automatic Roadmap Updates

As you prioritize feedback, your roadmap automagically reflects those changes.

Switch between frameworks

Choose between R.I.C.E., Kano, or Value vs. Effort to build your product roadmap.

Real-time sync with tools

Include issues and posts from Linear or JIRA into your roadmap with just a click. Automation enabled.

Updates on autopilot

Update & notify customers and external stakeholders about new features and roadmap changes.

Multi Product Support

Build roadmaps for multiple products you run within just one click. It is easy to build & visualize.

Embed Product Roadmap

Easily show your product roadmap within your product or website to update your users.

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Step #4

Ship & update users

Automatically update your customers about the new product features or improvements. Take the "I need to increase feature adoption" off your plate.

Auto-notify via email

Notify your customers via email when they receive a new feature. No more manual mailing lists.

AI-generated drafts

To save you hours worth of time, Kal automatically generates changelogs and keeps it ready for you.

In-app Changelog Popup

Place new updates notifications wherever your users are. Make feature awareness effortless.

Schedule your releases

Schedule your releases to update users on a specific date or time to get maximum engagement.

Get instant reactions

Know how your recent release performed with instant reactions on changelog entries.

Link existing feedback

Automatically notify specific customers who's feedback was just shipped to them.

Powerful & Rich Editor

Create rich release notes or changelog with the powerful text editor on featureOS.

Designed for simplicity

Changelog module is so simple to understand that does not overwhelm your users. Easy to read.

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