Official Figma integration for featureOS.

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Figma helps teams brainstorm, create, test, and ship better designs, together. Notion’s integration with Figma allows you to preview and share Figma and FigJam files directly in Notion pages and databases, making it easier to collaborate and share the most updated designs across your team.

How to use

To create a preview of Figma or FigJam designs in Notion, paste any Figma link into Notion, then select Paste as preview. You can also type /figma in any Notion page and a menu will appear, allowing you to paste links directly. If it’s your first time using Figma with Notion, you will be prompted to authorize the integration.

Follow the prompts to complete the authorization process. Once authorized, you will see a detailed preview of the linked content To link Figma files to items in your Notion database, just add add a new property to your database by using the + button at the top right and selecting Figma File