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New hub for all your
customer feedback & analysis

featureOS is the fastest way to collect, and analyze user feedback. Process customer feedback from 100s of sources in one place.

collecting feedback and showcasing product roadmap

The best teams run featureOS.

Product Feedback Software

Capture customer feedback with feature voting boards

Capture customer feedback with hosted feedback boards portal. Collect user feedback with simple forms, and let your users upvote on existing feedback. Prioritize feedback to build your product roadmap.

  • In-app feedback widgets to collect customer feedback
  • A hub for customer feedback to build great products
  • Customer-facing feedback portal to collect feedback
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Product feedback boards

Product Roadmap Tool

Build your product roadmap from user inputs

Build, publish, and showcase multiple product roadmaps for different audience with different privacy settings. Take advantage of the powerful prodcut roadmap editor and collaborate with your team.

  • Board based roadmap for easier visualization
  • Multiple automatically generated roadmaps
  • Embed your product roadmap anywhere you wish
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Product Roadmap Tool

Product Changelog Tool

Tell users what's new with product changelog

Share new product updates in-app with rich visuals, notifications, and popup widgets. Increase feature awareness, and customer engagement with changelog.

  • Notify users about new product updates
  • Get instant feedback on new updates with reactions
  • Customize and embed changelog widget
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Product Changelog Tool
featureOS Reviews

Thousands of people just
love featureOS.

Mike from Buffer

Michael Eckstein

Product Marketing Manager @ Buffer

We switched over from a hacked-together system of Trello, Typeform, and Slack to featureOS - and we couldn't be happier. We feel much closer to our users.

Steven from Contractor Foreman

Steven Gabbard

Founder @ Contractor Foreman

featureOS has been the perfect choice for us. With featureOS, customers of Contractor Foreman are now able to post their feedback and based on status changes, the items get sent to ClickUp using the included integration.

Customers are spending more time providing better details because they know that the suggestions are read, considered, and updated.

It has been a gamechanger for Contractor Foreman and we are glad to work with featureOS as we both work to provide a tool that meets the needs of most companies at a price that all can afford.

Diego from Opusflow

Diego Smits

CEO @ Opusflow

Adopting featureOS has significantly streamlined our work process, reducing the internal communication needed to delegate tasks to the appropriate parties.

Thanks to the API, we managed to introduce a changelog screen within OpusFlow. Now, customers can view all changes at a glance with just a single click.

Anna from


Product @ Anny

featureOS is the best option for us at Anny. It covers most of our needs and is affordable than the competition.

Every featureOS post is automatically transferred to our project management tool, where we can start working on it right away.

Thanks to featureOS, we can evaluate the time we spend on feedback in a new way.

Francesca from


Product @ Premier Systems

We have integrated featureOS to Jira, where we plan our dev work, and the automation there saves us so much time!

We are so grateful to featureOS for simplifying our feature request process and for the exemplary support we have received from them.

Soren from Remnote


Founding Engineer @ Remnote

Everything is now in one place, so we can understand what our community wants and share our own plans without doing extra work — all at a very reasonable price.

SSO based on our product's accounts is fantastic – despite using a third-party tool for gathering feedback, nobody has to create an extra account.

Valentin from Tandem


Product Manager @ Tandem

Using featureOS has made our lives much easier. We've integrated with Jira, so whenever we complete a highly requested feature or fix a bug, our members are informed immediately.

The featureOS dashboard is clean, intuitive and easy to use, and they are truly committed to making it better every week. We're extremely grateful for their stellar support.

Sam from Nomba

Sam Popoola

Head of Product Operations @ Nomba

featureOS has made it possible to easily manage and track user feedback from multiple channels with its simple user interface while also providing the trail of this feedback's journey from the point of collection to launch.

Hanna from Peopleforce

Hanna P

Product Manager @ Peopleforce

Migrating the backlog with all the information gathered was intimidating and featureOS team provided huge help in understanding our needs and giving advice.

Implementing featureOS has been a fantastic success for our team. It has helped us to be more organized, responsive, and effective, and it was well accepted among our customers as well.