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Feedback Management Software

Customer feedback.Fully managed.

featureOS is what you need to collect, prioritize, and act on feedback with your customers. It's the best way to build a product roadmap.

Screenshot of featureOS feedback boards where users can vote on product features
Collect user feedback.
Centralize all your user feedback in one place, respond, prioritize, and build a product roadmap.
Plan out a roadmap.
Build a product roadmap from user feedback or from scratch to showcase what's coming to your users.
Publish Release Notes.
Once a feature goes out to customers from your roadmap, let them know with a rich release note.
Analyze feedback at scale.
Power through hundreds of feedback in an instant with smart recommendations, and simple UI.
Allow users to vote.
Collect votes from users on the most important features. Control how many votes can be cast and more.
Embed feedback forms.
Collect feedback from users via forms, widgets, embeds, and more with featureOS. 2 minute setup & seamless.
Keep your feedback a secret.
Lock certain parts of featureOS that only you can see and not your competition.
Integrate with your workflow.
Connect your apps like JIRA, Slack, or Zendesk to keep everything organized in one place - featureOS.
Get more done.
Since featureOS is built for speed, you can get so much more done in less time throughout the app.

Powering customer-first product teams

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Product Feedback Software

Capture customer feedback with feature voting boards

Capture customer feedback with hosted feedback boards portal. Collect user feedback with simple forms, and let your users upvote on existing feedback. Prioritize feedback to build your product roadmap.

  • In-app feedback widgets to collect customer feedback

  • A hub for customer feedback to build great products

  • Customer-facing feedback portal to collect feedback

Screenshot of featureOS feedback boards where users can vote on product features

Product Roadmap Tool

Build your product roadmap
from user inputs

Build, publish, and showcase multiple product roadmaps for different audience with different privacy settings. Take advantage of the powerful prodcut roadmap editor and collaborate with your team.

  • Board based roadmap for easier visualization

  • Multiple automatically generated roadmaps

  • Embed your product roadmap anywhere you wish

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Changelog Tool

Tell users what's new
with product changelog

Share new product updates in-app with rich visuals, notifications, and popup widgets. Increase feature awareness, and customer engagement with changelog.

  • Notify users about new product updates

  • Get instant feedback on new updates with reactions

  • Customize and embed changelog widget

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Bring the tools you use together

alphaOS integrates with the tools you use every day to work smarter and faster.



Bring your alphaOS data into Slack and interact without leaving Slack. Syncs with your Slack channels, and more.



Use the power of alphaOS to have richer interactions with your customers via Intercom.



Sync Linear issues, tag them, or even create new issues from alphaOS.



Turn your alphaOS data into JIRA issues, and vice versa. Automatically sync statuses with JIRA.

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