A Brand New Story: Building Trust with Transparency

A Brand New Story: Building Trust with Transparency

Since 2018, we were super focused on building the best technology platform for our customers, and to help them organize customer feedback. We then expanded to helping them plan out their product roadmaps, and eventually write release notes. Since then, we have come a very long way into the future we envisioned. In 2023, we knew we wanted a change. A change that is fundamental to the core of our business.

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil the new featureOS. As you may have already noticed, our logo and colors have undergone a significant change. But we want to take this opportunity to share more about what’s happening and why.

At featureOS, we believe that a brand is a person’s gut feeling about a service or organization. It’s the immediate reaction people have when they think about a company. That’s why we decided to take a step back and evaluate our brand as a part of our larger change we’re bringing to the company. We wanted to ensure that our brand was in line with who we are, what we stand for, and what we offer our customers, you.

Strong brands make you want to be part of their world.

Back when we started, we started serving some amazing indie developers, startups, and small companies. Today, we are having the opportunity to work with some of the best product teams who inspire us, and push us to build bigger and better features that scales to millions of users. When we took a look back at where we are right now, we realize that we have come a very long way, and we’re all set to take on the next few decades.

We also know that featureOS has become a hub for product teams to collect and manage customer feedback. But we wanted to expand our reach beyond just product teams. We want to create a brand that’s inclusive and caters to everyone from startups to enterprise-level organizations.

Today, the “New Orange” is the representation of everything we stand for: bright, alive, and visible. The new brand color is now backed by a brand new icon, that represents the intimate connection between you and your customers’ to build a better product using featureOS.

This is the beginning of a bigger change we’re bringing to featureOS as a part of Skcript ’s suite of products for SaaS companies. We hope you like this new change we’ve made to the brand, and we can’t wait to collaborate with you to increase the number of customer-centric products in the world.

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    Karthik Kamalakannan

    Founder and CEO

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    Mon Apr 17 2023 00:01:07 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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