10 Product Management Newsletters you should subscribe to

10 Product Management Newsletters you should subscribe to

The product management industry is evolving at breakneck speed today. With so many product managers coming into the industry everyday, it is important that you keep yourself updated with the latest happenings and stay on top of the game. Most importantly, you’re going to have to do this without overwhelming yourself, and consume information only when you need it.

That’s why, I have compiled a list of 10 unique product management newsletters you can subscribe and keep yourself updated. The list contains newsletters that would not mostly overlap the information they are providing you. I initially wanted to go all the way and create a mega list of product managers newsletter, but then a lot of those newsletter overlap in content. So I had to narrow down to just 10, non-overlapping product managers newsletter for you.

Let’s get rolling.

Mike Cohn’s newsletter

Mike Cohn has earned his respect in the product management industry with over 28 years of experience in building products. His newsletters are known for a dump of knowledge, straight to the point methods, and high-value product management tips.

Subscribe to Mike Cohn’s Newsletter

Product Manager HQ

Product Manager HQ newsletter is known for discussing product strategies, using data to make decisions, and interviews from prominent product managers from across the world.

Subscribe to Product Manager HQ Newsletter

Lenny’s Newsletter

Lenny’s newsletter is a goldmine of metrics, strategies, and so many directly influential topics for product managers. Lenny interviews product people from various stages of startups, and their collective knowledge can help you make stronger decisions, and clearer thinking.

Subscribe to Lenny’s Newsletter

ChartMogul SaaS Roundup

ChartMogul is our go-to tool to track our subscription insights, and they roll out one of the most information newsletter for product managers every week. With the amount of data they can present during these newsletter rollouts, you get to learn so much about where the industry is going, and where you should look next.

Subscribe to ChartMogul SaaS Roundup Newsletter

User Interviews Newsletter

Though this isn’t directly connected to being a product manager, the User Interviews Newsletter talks about the tips and tricks of handling UX design for your product. This I believe will eventually help you write better PRDs and build an inclusive customer-centric product.

Subscribe to User Interviews Newsletter

Demand Curve

Demand Curve Newsletter is run by the amazing folks at Bell Curve. They have been hugely popular on Twitter, and they continue to amaze me with their insights, links and important growth strategies they share about building products.

Subscribe to Demand Curve Newsletter

SaaStr Newsletter

SaaStr runs one of the largest SaaS conference in the world. I have always loved their content which educates, and helps me understand the whole SaaS landscape. The SaaStr newsletter is an important one if you are looking to building great products in a very competitive market.

Subscribe to SaaStr Newsletter

Work in Progress by Rick Pastoor

Work in Progress is from the author of the very popular GRIP (book). Rick shares important insights into the art of getting things done, and how to prioritize your own work which eventually helps the product and company grow.

Subscribe to Work in Progress Newsletter

Product Managers at Work

Run by Alexis and Adrienne, the Product Managers at Work newsletter is a brain pick of all the lessons that they learned building products for some of the largest SaaS companies in the world.

Subscribe to Product Managers at Work


Prioritised Newsletter comes from Mind The Product team who are known for creating great content around product management. The newsletter helps you quickly understand and learn about new prioritization techniques, and other valuable strategies you can use to build great products.

Subscribe to Prioritised Newsletter

Bonus Mention

If you think newsletters are overwhelming, the best place for you to ask questions and contribute to other product managers’ growth is Reddit. Checkout r/ProductManagement .

On the other hand, if you don’t want to subscribe to all these newsletters, then just let us know, we’re building a single place for all your product management feed, hand-picked everyday. Let us know your interest here .

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