Top 10 Podcasts for SaaS Founders and Product Managers

Top 10 Podcasts for SaaS Founders and Product Managers

You can’t read emails, read books, or watch YouTube videos while driving. However, you can easily listen to Podcasts while managing various tasks. In this era of the creator’s economy, podcasting continues to shine.

Earlier in March 2023, BuzzSprout, a podcasting platform, curated an insightful blog sharing all the latest statistics of the podcasting world . Honestly, my mind was blown after reading the article.

In our fast-paced modern world, staying in the know is crucial. And what’s a more laid-back way to soak up knowledge than through podcasts.

We at featureOS love listening to podcasts. It stirs new narratives and brings in a new perspective from a different lens. We asked our team about their favorite podcasts and decided to compile a list that we go back to every now and then and stay updated with the latest episodes.  Ready to jump in?

1. Lenny’s Podcast

The first podcast recommendation by Varun Raj Manoharan is Lenny’s Podcast. 😄

Lenny Rachitsky hosts Lenny’s Podcast where he interviews world-class leaders and growth marketers who can guide you in building, launching, and leveraging your product in the competitive industry.


If you are building products, then this one is an absolute gem. Lenny asks the most insightful questions to his guests, ensuring that every episode offers valuable insights and practical content.

2. Syntax Podcast

If you really want to upskill your career in tech,  then Syntax should be added to your podcast list. This was Gopi Kumar S ’s recommendation!😄

This podcast takes the form of engaging conversations between the hosts, Scott Tolinski and Wes Bos where they discuss Javascript, AI, web development and so much more. Syntax is also a top-rated podcast on Apple Podcasts.


Throughout the 600+ episodes, this dynamic tech duo shares development tips and tools during their discussions. They also invite top developers from the industries to discuss an array of topics like libraries, front-end and back-end techniques, and more.

3. The Diary Of A CEO

When we asked Karthik Kamalakannan , the founder of Skcript pt & featureOS , for the podcast recommendation, he suggested The Diary Of A CEO . 😄

Steven Bartlett is a renowned entrepreneur and the podcast creator of The Diary of A CEO. The podcast spheres around the challenges and real-life obstacles that successful entrepreneurs and every individual goes through before starting a business.


As you slowly tune in with the podcast, Steven also highlights the connection between the business mindset and being vulnerable. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s vital to slow down, pause, reflect, and act on the circumstances. This podcast is an absolute treasure for understanding business entrepreneurship, childhood trauma, and ego challenges.

4. Rich Roll Podcast

An ultra-endurance athlete, vegan activist, and author - Rich Roll embarked on his podcasting journey in 2012 by starting the Rich Roll Podcast. This is yet another interesting podcast recommendation by Karthik Kamalakannan that sheds light on unlocking your best self.


In each episode of the podcast, Rich sits down to have conversations with some of the most empowering leaders who strike interesting conversations about wellness and self-improvement.  The guests offer great insights that can be helpful to individuals in directing their lives for overall well-being. The host Rich Roll listens attentively and follows up with excellent questions which brings a natural flow to the conversation.

5. Think Fast, Talk Smart

We know a lot of individuals who have dealt with or are still dealing with anxiety while communicating within the professional or personal circumference.

Here’s where the Think Fast, Talk Smart podcast hosted by Matt Abrahams becomes your savior. John Bosco Thanaraj recommended this transformative podcast series that constructively enhances your speaking skills.


Over the course of the podcast, Matt who is a Lecturer in Organizational Behavior at Stanford University Graduate School of Business invites guests to discuss the precision of topics. Starting from body language interpreters, anxiety before communicating, persuasion skills, and so much more. Each episode features distinct elements that can aid an individual in harnessing their communication power.

One of the best things about this podcast is how Matt shares practical approaches and methods that are science-based and not quick fixes. It’s a must-listen on your list to upgrade your speaking skills.

6. Archetypes by Megan Markle

Archetypes hosted by Meghan Markle is an exceptional podcast that represents the challenges faced by women. Swaathi Kakarla recommends this engaging podcast, which explores the impact of societal norms and the roles they often impose on women.


As you delve deeper into the podcast Meghan Markle weaves a captivating narrative by engaging in conversations with various women who have broken stereotypes and conventions to shape their identities and be their true selves.

In each episode, Meghan asks intriguing questions with utmost empathy and receives honest responses from the guests. Archetypes is a must-listen, particularly due to Meghan Markle’s exceptional storytelling.

  • Host - Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.
  • Duration - 60 minutes
  • Where to Listen - Spotify

7. Spotify - A Product Story

Another recommendation that came in from Heertheeswaran V was Spotify - A Product Story. This captivating podcast serves as a behind-the-scenes look at the journey and the evolution of Spotify - the globally acclaimed music streaming platform.


This miniseries of episodes offers valuable insights not only for tech geeks but also for entrepreneurs and wanna-be business leaders. Each episode of this podcast covers unique aspects of the brand’s evolution and describes the triumphs and tribulations the team experienced along the journey.

If you are fascinated by product development and entrepreneurship then Spotify - A Product Story serves interesting anecdotes.

8. The SaaS Podcast by Omer Khan

For all the tech and SaaS enthusiasts out there, Omer Khan ’s The SaaS Podcast is a must-listen and Swathy Ravisankar wholeheartedly recommends it!

Omer is a seasoned SaaS entrepreneur and dives deep into the world of software as a service, sharing invaluable insights and stories from successful SaaS founders and experts.


With a knack for extracting practical lessons and actionable advice, The SaaS Podcast is a treasure trove for anyone looking to understand the ins and outs of the SaaS industry. Whether you’re a budding SaaS entrepreneur or simply intrigued by the software business, this podcast is your go-to source for inspiration and knowledge.

9. Advertising is Dead by Varun Duggirala

A podcast that Swai Bandekar keeps going back to every now and then is Advertising is Dead. Hosted by the exceptional and versatile Varun Duggirala , the podcast provides unique insights into the ever-changing advertising landscape.


In each episode, Varun brings in expert guests from various sectors and weaves a brilliant narrative around the trends in branding, digital marketing, consumer behavior, and content creation. This podcast is a treasure trove for any individual who wishes to get a better understanding and intrigued by the behind-the-scenes of the advertising world.

#10. Make Art Not Content

Hosted by Father Bronques , Make Art Not Content offers a chance to understand creativity and art from a unique lens.

Swai Bandekar suggested this podcast which goes beyond the traditional and mainstream content, encouraging listeners to engage in profound artistic expressions and meaningful dialogues on art in contemporary society.


Each episode will leave you wondering about the traditional approaches and motivate you to bring creativity to the table. The fascinating exploration and eye-opening conversations will underline the intersection of art, creativity, and life.


In today’s landscape, podcasts reign supreme as the go-to choice for listeners. At Skcript , we’re avid podcast enthusiasts, and if you share our passion for exploring diverse podcasts, the recommendations mentioned above are a treasure trove of valuable insights and knowledge.

We’d love to hear about your favorite podcasts or what’s currently playing in your headphones — please share with us on Twitter / X ! 🙌🏼

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