4 Essential ChatGPT Plugins Every Product Manager Must Use

4 Essential ChatGPT Plugins Every Product Manager Must Use

The launch of ChatGPT Plugins are disrupting many job roles already, and Product Managers are at the best position to use ChatGPT Plugins to their advantage. The golden age is AI could very well play well in the hands of Product Managers, and here’s a list of ChatGPT Plugins that you can use to become a Product Management Superstar.

What are ChatGPT Plugins?

OpenAI announced the launch of ChatGPT Plugins , which extend the capabilities of ChatGPT’s generative AI even further. Plugins are like superpower that you can plug-n-play to your ChatGPT interactions. For example, the recent announcement of the “Browsing Plugin” allows ChatGPT to browse a website, and build a conversation on top of it. This is magical.

Today, Product Managers can use ChatGPT for Product Research and Product Analysis for free.

4 ChatGPT Plugins for Product Managers

Here are four essential ChatGPT plugins every product manager should integrate into their workflow:

1. ChatGPT Browsing Plugin

Based on WebGPT from OpenAI, the Browsing Plugin is the most powerful of them all. The Browsing Plugin puts the entire internet in the hands of ChatGPT so that you can run queries on whichever website you want, and do a bunch of other things.

Browsing Plugin for ChatGPT

Use-cases for Product Managers:

  • Competitor Research: A Product Manager could use the Browsing Plugin to conduct research on competitors. This could include exploring their websites, examining their products, reading user reviews, and even checking out their marketing strategies.

  • Market Trends Analysis: The plugin could be tasked with browsing the internet to collate data on emerging trends in the market that could influence product development. This could involve tracking industry news, following thought leaders in the field, and monitoring relevant social media chatter.

  • Regulatory Compliance: The Browsing Plugin can be tasked to keep up with changing regulations that could affect the product’s compliance. This might include browsing government or regulatory websites for updates.

  • Product Discovery: The Browsing Plugin can be used to search the internet for inspiration, ideas, and innovative solutions that other companies are using, and help the Product Manager to brainstorm and refine their own product ideas.

The ChatGPT Browsing Plugin essentially is your own intelligent research assistant, capable of bringing up valuable insights and information that can significantly aid a Product Manager in their work.

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2. Speak ChatGPT Plugin

The new Speak ChatGPT Plugin allows you to translate your phrases in multiple languages. This powerful ChatGPT Plugin revolutionizes communication by enabling product managers to seamlessly translate their phrases into multiple languages.

Speak ChatGPT goes beyond basic translation. It leverages the AI capabilities of ChatGPT to understand the context and nuances of your original text, ensuring that translated content retains the intended meaning and tone. Whether you’re communicating with international teams, crafting multilingual product descriptions, or liaising with overseas clients, Speak ChatGPT streamlines your interactions.

Speak Plugin for ChatGPT

Use-cases for Product Managers:

  • Interacting with International Teams: If a product manager is working with teams located in different parts of the world, the Speak ChatGPT plugin can facilitate seamless communication. They can draft their messages in English and have them accurately translated to the team’s native language, ensuring clear and efficient communication.

  • Multilingual Product Descriptions: When releasing a product globally, it’s crucial to have product descriptions available in multiple languages. The Speak ChatGPT Plugin can translate these descriptions, ensuring they are accurate and retain the intended meaning across different languages.

  • Customer Support: If a product manager needs to communicate directly with customers who speak different languages, Speak ChatGPT Plugin can translate their messages in real-time. This ensures effective customer communication, potentially improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Conducting Market Research: For product managers looking to explore new international markets, the Speak ChatGPT plugin can translate surveys, questionnaires, and other research tools into the desired language. This allows for more accurate data collection from different regions.

  • Translating User Feedback: The plugin can be invaluable in translating user feedback provided in different languages. This ensures that product managers can understand all customer feedback, regardless of language, helping them make informed decisions to enhance the product.

  • Global Product Meetings: In global product meetings involving stakeholders from different linguistic backgrounds, the Speak ChatGPT plugin can serve as a translation tool, ensuring everyone involved can understand and contribute to the discussion.

  • Localization Strategy: For product managers working on the localization strategy of a product, Speak ChatGPT can provide translations for localized content and communications, enhancing the product’s relevance to different geographical regions.

3. Yay! Forms ChatGPT Plugin

Yay! Forms allows you to use the power of ChatGPT to create engaging forms, quizzes, and surveys that you can use to roll out to your customers. Yay! Forms leverages the power of ChatGPT to help you create engaging, interactive forms, quizzes, and surveys to get valuable customer feedback .

You might have to be on a paid plan at some point to continue using Yay! Forms plugin via ChatGPT.

Use-cases for Product Managers:

  • Customer Feedback Surveys: A Product Manager could use Yay! Forms to create engaging and personalized customer feedback surveys. These can provide invaluable insights into what is working well, and what needs improvement in their product.

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: With Yay! Forms, product managers can gauge the satisfaction of their customers with their product or service. This allows them to adjust and improve their product offerings, leading to improved customer retention and loyalty.

  • Beta Testing Applications: If a product manager is planning a beta release of a new product or feature, they could use Yay! Forms to create an application form for potential beta testers.

  • Product Usability Testing: Yay! Forms can be used to create usability test questionnaires. Product managers can then gather user experiences about their product, making it easier to identify areas of friction and improvement.

4. Decision Journal ChatGPT Plugin

Decision Journal for ChatGPT is a powerful plugin that allows you to keep track of your decisions and also have ChatGPT help make some of your decisions. Decision Journal is a great way to move away from indecision, which is the cause for many products to stagnate and hinder their growth.

With Decision Journal, you can keep track of the decisions you’ve made, their outcomes, and even set reminders for some of your decisions to come back to you.

Where does Decision Journal help? When making decisions in the future, you get the context of how you made your previous decisions, and how you can improve from those decisions using ChatGPT and other plugins like ChatGPT Browsing Plugin .

Use-cases for Product Managers:

  • Track Product Decisions: A Product Manager can use the Decision Journal to document all the important decisions made about a product, along with the rationale behind each decision. This could serve as a valuable resource for future reference and can help with aligning the team around the product strategy.

  • Risk Analysis: Product Managers can use the Decision Journal to record potential risks associated with product decisions. They can document the mitigating steps taken and review the effectiveness of these steps in hindsight. This can improve risk management strategies for future product decisions.

  • Performance Reviews: During performance reviews or retrospectives, the Decision Journal can serve as a source of truth for the decisions taken during a given period. This can help in evaluating the impact of a Product Manager’s decisions on the product’s success.

The Decision Journal ChatGPT Plugin essentially a living chat thread which gives you a way to systematically document, track, and learn from the myriad decisions that shape a product’s journey. It can serve as a powerful tool for continuous improvement, strategic alignment, and risk management.

Right now, these are some of the best ChatGPT plugins for Product Managers and Founders. The plugin store is evolving rapidly, and keep an eye out for our curated ChatGPT content for Product Managers to keep yourself updated.

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