User Feedback Management Software

User Feedback Management Software

Are you still forwarding emails or messages to organize customer feedback ? Have you every missed some of the customer feedback that would have prevented a customer from leaving your product just because you missed it? Do you find it difficult to manage your customer feedback?

If you have been searching for a software to manage customer feedback, you must have heard the phrase “customer feedback management software”. Let us explain what customer feedback management software means in detail.

What is a user feedback management software?

If you are a product manager or product owner of a SaaS product (for example), you probably get a lot of feedback from your customers about new features that they wish to add to your product, improvements they need from your product or even bugs they find in your product. This list just goes on and on. Most of the times, they might not be taking time out to email you with their feedback or feature request, but they might tweet about it, mention about this in a conversation in an online forum and so on. Whatever might be their mode of expression, your customers expect you to be responsive for their queries as quickly as possible.

This scattered information sharing happens when your customers do not have a go-to place to provide feedback or express their concerns or even appreciation for your product.

TLDR; What is feedback management tool?

A go-to portal for your product (like, where your customers go to provide feedback or request new features. A platform like featureOS allows customers to vote on features to help you prioritize what features to build.

Let’s say Steve (your customer) needs a feature which your product currently does not have. So he just goes to your feedback URL and submits a new feature request. You get notified about the new request from Steve and realize that the feature could add a lot of value to other customers as well. This makes business sense as well, and you have a discussion with your engineering team and update the status of the feature request that Steve submitted to Planned.

The moment you move the status to Planned, Steve gets notified that you are planning to work on this new feature for him. Steve becomes confident and appreciates your effort in considering his request to build in your product. Once you are done building the feature, you move the feature’s status to Completed. Again, Steve gets intimated about the update. This workflow makes Steve very inclusive in the entire feature development process, thus gaining trust of Steve for years to come.

Who can use a feedback management software?

Small Product Businesses

Product managers in small businesses need a product where they can manage all their feedback management software  easily. Small businesses require an affordable feedback management software with powerful collaboration capabilities and the platform which is delightful to use.

  • Feedback management software can categorize, update and prioritize incoming feature requests from customers
  • Feedback management software are much more efficient than traditional emails since it reduces duplicate feature requests from different customers
  • Feedback management software improved the trust or NPS score of your customers since they are constantly and automatically kept in loop with the progress you are making with your product
  • Feedback management software also drastically improves customer support lifecycle and brings delight to your customers in a very neat way

Large Enterprises

Enterprises require a whole different set of feature set that extends beyond what is visible to the customers. The platform needs to comply with the requirements of the enterprise’s data storage requirements & so much more. Enterprises need a way to weight what features would have the best impact in their business and a simple way to connect with customers.

  • An enterprise-grade feedback management software can bring in transparency and predictability to your customers and teams to build the next feature your customers would actually want to use
  • An enterprise-grade feedback management software brings your support, engineering and sales team together. Brings visibility into one another’s workload and product roadmap
  • A good feedback management software would be compliant with new policies like GDPR, HIPAA and more.
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