8 Best Olvy Alternatives for Product Feedback in 2024

8 Best Olvy Alternatives for Product Feedback in 2024

Alternatives to Olvy with feedback boards, feedback analysis using AI, product roadmaps, and changelogs? We’ve got you covered.

Picking the right tool where your essential product data could be a daunting task. You want a feedback management tool that is well-designed, powerful, and helps you save hours worth of time everyday.

This comprehensive guide dives into the top alternatives for 2024, offering insights into their features, pros, cons, and pricing to help you make an informed decision. Whether you seek better user engagement, cost efficiency, or feature-rich platforms, discover how these alternatives stack up against Olvy and each other.

Best Olvy Alternatives in 2024

  1. featureOS — A suite of tools to complete feedback loop. Preferred Olvy alternative.
  2. Pendo — Built for enterprise companies with structured features.
  3. Productlane — Built for teams using Linear for Project Management.
  4. Bettermode — All-in-one customer engagement platform.
  5. Upvoty — Built for hobby projects and indie developers.
  6. ProductPlan — Best for ticket management and feedback response.
  7. Nolt — For small teams and indie developers.
  8. Kraftful — For large-scale content analysis from limited sources.

You now have a list of tools that you can evaluate. But why choose an Olvy alternative in the first place? Why are product managers realizing Olvy is not for them in 2024? I have collected the drawbacks of Olvy and listed down here for you.

Olvy Drawbacks and Cons

Olvy is a slow-moving feedback analysis software that’s been in the making for the last few years. This comes with its own downsides, and drawbacks, and here are the key cons of Olvy:

  • Not for feedback collection: Olvy is not built for feedback collection and organization. Olvy does not come with feedback boards where users can submit their feature requests.

  • Olvy is very buggy: For some reason, for years now, instead of showing the actual precise data based on your user feedback from different sources, Olvy tends to hallucinate its response which could cost you a career of wrong decisions.

  • Very limited & expensive: Even if you pay $300 every month , you can only process 10,000 user feedback. That’s all. Even if a user says “Hi” in their feedback, that’s considered a post. This isn’t ideal, and keeps burning your pockets as you use the platform.

8 Best Olvy Alternatives for Product Feedback Management

The following alternatives we have collected does not come with the drawbacks that Olvy has for product teams.

Each tool in this list is hand-picked, and I made sure that all the tools here has its pros and cons listed down. Go ahead, read away 👇

1. featureOS

featureOS Feedback Portal

featureOS is the best Olvy alternative trusted by thousands of product companies. featureOS is purpose-built by Product Managers for Product Managers building products. Besides the feature rich nature of featureOS and value for money, the featureOS team is also known for its exceptional customer support.

featureOS pricing is affordable, and its Power-up nature allows you to buy only the features you need ⚡️. You pay for what adds value to you. Nothing more, nothing less.

featureOS Key Features

featureOS is known for offering a feature-rich experience for its customers. Here are some of the highlights of the features:

  • Powerful feedback aggregation engine from over 10+ sources
  • Feedback Boards, Roadmap, Changelog, and Knowledge Base modules
  • Single Sign-on and OpenID support
  • Supports over 20+ languages
  • API-first features (almost all the features are available as APIs)
  • Works with Salesforce, HubSpot, and more.

Why choose featureOS

  • Beautiful interface: featureOS comes with highly-customizable and neat user interface that can fit in well with any product in the market. Especially with widgets, embeds, and such.

  • Scalable to millions of feedback: featureOS is built for enterprise scale feedback management. You can connect your feedback sources to boards, and fly through millions of feedback in minutes.

  • Automatic Recommendations: Use featureOS’ AI engine automatically recommends your next actions without lifting a finger. So you already know what to do next.

  • Enterprise-grade: Built from ground up with enterprise-grade security in mind. featureOS believes that security is a basic requirement for indie developers, startups, scale-ups and enterprises.

  • Insanely good support: Customer support has been featureOS best feature. Their friendly customer support is exceptionally good and featureOS team is known to move super fast in resolving issues, helping customers, and implement new features.

  • 14-day release cycle: featureOS releases new features every 14 days to all customers. This cycle is something that has not changed since 2018.

Drawbacks of featureOS

  • No Stripe integration.

How much does featureOS cost?

featureOS comes with three insanely good plans. Take a look at the detailed featureOS Pricing plans .

  • Runway: $29/month for unlimited posts, unlimited users, 2 admins and so much more.

  • Take Flight: $79/month for unlimited posts, multiple integrations support, and perfect fit for startup companies.

  • Fly High: $149/month for unlimited everything. Comes with Salesforce integrations, and other enterprise-grade features.

featureOS Reviews

featureOS is the best rated in the entire competitive landscape. You can read all the featureOS reviews here .


featureOS is the best Olvy alternative that covers all the features that Olvy offers and so much more for a fraction of the cost.

With the amount of money you can save, and the team you can trust, featureOS is your best choice as an Olvy alternative.

It only takes a few minutes to signup and go-live. Also, the customer experience team is available to quickly help you out with custom onboarding as well.

Give featureOS a shot

2. Pendo

Pendo is one of enterprise players in the industry. They primarily focus and care about serving enterprise customers and the cost reflects the same as well. With too many features for custom pricing, Pendo is the best choice for Fortune 100 companies.

Though Pendo offers feedback boards, and on-boarding workflows, Pendo does not come with a public-facing feedback boards where your customers can give you feedback.

Pendo’s features

  • User onboarding
  • Large-scale feedback analysis
  • Product feature prioritization
  • Session recordings and replays
  • Enterprise-scale support package (purchase separately)

Advantages of Pendo

  • Support for a variety of languages
  • Great hand-holding for new account signups
  • Great AI features (add-on)

Drawbacks of Pendo

  • Age old UI
  • Huge learning curve for you and your customers
  • Sub-par user segmentation
  • No public-facing features for users to automatically submit feedback
  • Not built for startups, and scale-ups

Pendo Pricing in 2024

Pendo comes with a free plan that comes with just NPS feature that gets you to try the platform. Once you go with the free-plan, you are locked-in with the data which cannot be exported outside.

Since Pendo is enterprise-exclusive, the only starter plan they offer is $7000/year. You can only pay annually for any Pendo plan.

If you are an enterprise, Growth and Portfolio plan is undisclosed. On reaching out to their sales team, and analyzing the cost you would pay for featureOS (at $149/month), we realized that we will end up paying Pendo approximately $14000 per year and goes all the way up to $100,000 per year.

3. Productlane

Productlane is one of the alternatives to Olvy in the market. It is designed to help businesses collect, organize, analyze, and act upon customer feedback effectively. Productlane is mainly built for teams using Linear for Project management.

Productlane’s Features:

  • Designed specially for Linear
  • Multi-cursor editor
  • Seamless integration capabilities
  • Call recording during meetings

Advantages of Productlane:

  • Process feedback easily by sharing a portal with the users
  • Turn the notes and transcript into Linear issues quickly
  • Take timestamped notes
  • Easily sync feedback from different integrations

Drawbacks of Productlane:

Productlane’s subscription plans are of two types: Pro and Business. The Pro pack is suitable for small companies who are initially getting more feedbacks. This pack costs around $129/month. The Business plan is suitable for larger organizations and teams. This plan costs around $499/month. Productlane also offers a free pack but the features supported in this pack are very minimal. Hence, it can be used only for personal uses and smaller teams.

4. Bettermode

Bettermode is a new entrant and serves as a comprehensive customer community platform, streamlining customer experience, enhancing engagement, and fostering genuine connections for businesses.

Using Bettermode’s community platform, product teams gather ideas and feedback, while customer support and success teams develop resource centers and knowledge bases. Marketing teams engage with customers, coordinate events, and streamline content creation efforts.

Bettermode’s features

  • Embeddable feedback widgets
  • Modern design language
  • Direct messaging
  • Gamification

Advantages of Bettermode

  • Bettermode has a comprehensive API
  • Supports integration with popular tools
  • Build any layout with a no-code, block-based page builder

Drawbacks of Bettermode

  • Expensive for small businesses and start ups
  • Some may feel overwhelmed with abundant customization options

Bettermode’s Pricing

Bettermode offers a free pack with limited features unlike some of the feedback management tools in the industry. Its subscription plans starts at $19 per month. This plan is suitable for small creators and freelancers needing more flexibility and growth. It also offers other two plans, Pro and Business, which range at the cost of $49/month and $99/month. Except the free pack, all the other subscription packs allows access to unlimited members.

5. Upvoty

Upvoty is a software planning tool focused on a feature request voting board. This software serves as one of the best alternatives for Olvy in 2024

Requests are submitted to a public product roadmap, indicating planned, in-progress, and live features. Let’s look deeper into the features, pros and cons of this software!

Upvoty’s features

  • Modern feedback boards
  • Attractive website widgets
  • Roadmap and changelog

Advantages of Upvoty

  • Single sign-ons for users
  • Supports post merging
  • Wide range of customization options for feedback portal

Drawbacks of Upvoty

  • Lack of feature prioritization
  • Lack of advanced roadmaps for larger team

Upvoty’s Pricing

Upvoty provides us three subscription plans to choose from: Power, Superpower, and Unlimited Power. Power is their basic plan which costs around $13/month. It gives access to one board and 3 admins, whereas their Superpower pack gives access to 5 boards and 10 admins. Superpower packs costs around $49/month. The unlimited power subscription pack provides access to unlimited boards and admins at the cost of $99/month.

6. ProductPlan

ProductPlan is user-friendly roadmapping software designed to assist teams in planning, visualizing, and sharing their product feedback strategy. Generate visually appealing, collaborative roadmaps in just minutes.

ProductPlan’s features

  • Progress monitoring and budgeting of workflow
  • Test ranking for posts
  • Custom workflows and automation
  • Release forecasting

Advantages of ProductPlan

  • ProductPlan facilitates the effortless creation and updating of detailed roadmaps with ease.
  • ProductPlan’s filtering capabilities guarantee the ability to share pertinent roadmap details with the appropriate individuals who require them.
  • It assists in offering all stakeholders a clear view of a company’s development roadmap.

Drawbacks of ProductPlan

  • Works only for teams using Linear
  • Does not work with JIRA or other tools
  • Lacks product feedback boards and changelings
  • Lacks custom statuses
  • Extra payment for features like SSO and custom domain.

ProductPlan’s pricing

ProductPlan’s subscription plans are quite tricky than others. This software does not have a free pack. It’s basic plan starts at the cost of $49/month, without including sales tax.

The Professional subscription plan costs around $89/month and this plan gets you several features like roadmap standardization tools, single sign on, REST API access, tailored onboarding program, etc.

ProductPlan’s Enterprise pack includes all the features supported by professional plan along with several other features. To know the price of their enterprise pack, submitting request to them is needed.

7. Nolt

Small businesses favor Nolt over Olvy due to its user-friendliness and simplicity. Nolt is a lightweight feedback management software with basic features and a modern user interface. However, it also comes with several drawbacks that need to be considered.

Nolt featureset:

  • Feedback idea boards
  • Voting
  • Roadmap

Advantages of Nolt.io

  • Supports integrations with Jira, Trello, Slack, and more
  • Supports anonymous voting
  • Detects duplicate posts

Drawbacks of Nolt.io

  • Filtering is not supported
  • Poor admin dashboard
  • Lack of changelog for closing the feedback loops with users
  • Does not support bulk editing

Nolt.io Pricing

Nolt’s subscription plan is a three-tiered one. This software does not provide a free pack. However, its basic plan called “Essential” costs around $39/month.

It’s second tier plan called “Pro” costs $89/month. This plan lets you to access 5 feedback boards, intercom integration, Data export APIs and more. Their premium pack called “Enterprise” suits only the power users and the price of this pack will be revealed only upon request.

8. Kratful

Kratful likely offers various channels for collecting feedback from users, such as in-app feedback forms, email surveys, or website feedback widgets. This software is also one of the best alternatives for Olvy in 2024.

Kratful’s features

  • Feedback prioritization and organization
  • Better integration capabilities
  • Feedback notifications
  • Provides reporting dashboards and analytics tools

Advantages of Kratful

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Gather valuable insights from users across various touch-points
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Better customization options

Drawbacks of Kratful

  • Learning curve for users to understand its features
  • Leaky-bucket pricing. The more you use, the more you end-up paying
  • Very very limited in features

Kraftful Reviews

Kraftful is brand new in the industry, and the reviews are very limited.

Kratful’s Pricing

Kratful is suitable for large-scale content analysis with limited sources. Its pricing plan is two-tiered. The basic plan called “Pro” costs around $15 per month for only 500 posts.

Kraftful’s pricing plan lets access to maximum of 20 team members whereas their upgraded plan called “Unlimited” gives $0.03 per credit along with it. Kratful also provides a free plan but this plan does not support many features.

What is Olvy used for?

Olvy Screenshots

Olvy is not a feedback management platform, instead Olvy is a feedback analysis platform. Here are some of the resons why people look into Olvy:

  1. Connect with tools like Zendesk to analyze customer feedback
  2. Analyze the sentiment of the customer feedback
  3. Publish changelog of new releases
  4. Extract keywords from different feedback from users
  5. Export data and see reports of the existing feedback

List of Olvy features

These are all the features and modules Olvy offers to their customers:

  • Product Changelog: Write and publish product changelog to the users via in-app widgets, and get feedback via reactions.

  • Popup Widget: Widgets allow you to collect quick product feedback via Olvy from within your app.

  • User Segmentation: Manually segment your users via Olvy’s segmentation feature.

  • Integrations: Integrate with three tools (Slack, Intercom, and Zendesk) to read feedback from those tools in Olvy.

Pro tip: featureOS comes with hundreds of features, and you can choose only the features you want to use. Learn about all the features here .

Olvy Pricing

Pricing of Olvy

Olvy currently offers 4 different pricing tiers for users:

  • Free plan ($0/month): 1 user, track only 100 feedback per month on Olvy.

  • Essentials Plan ($60/month): 3 users, track only upto 5000 feedback per month on Olvy.

  • Business Plan ($300/month): 5 admins, track up to 10,000 feedback per month on Olvy.

The limitation on the number of feedback you can process on Olvy shows that their infrastructure and their product does not scale beyond certain point, and you wouldn’t want to be scouting for another Olvy alternative in just a month of using Olvy.

For this cost, and so much less, you can use featureOS which comes with public or private feedback boards , product roadmap tool , changelog software , product analysis tool, and even a knowledge base module for self-service help-center. All for just $149/month on their highest plan. Save time, money, and get value with featureOS .


If you are looking for just analyzing feedback from three (Slack, Linear, and CSV) sources, then Olvy is right for you. Even then, you will top off at just 10,000 feedback posts. Beyond that you are going to have to move to the enterprise plan which could be painful.

Fortunately, the internet has so much to offer for us. The Olvy alternatives listed in this post will help you choose the right fit that is affordable, and gains you immediate value for money.

featureOS is the only best Olvy alternative that has 100% feature coverage and so much more. With feedback boards to collect feedback, integrations to automatically sync feedback , roadmap to plan your product features, and changelog to release new updates you shipped, featureOS is a complete suite you will ever need.

If you are already a customer of Olvy, featureOS also offers a free one-time migration in less than 24 working hours, with no downtime. Give featureOS a try , and reach out if you need any help at all to experience the best-in-class customer support experience.

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