Top 5 Beamer Alternatives & Replacement Apps (2024)

Top 5 Beamer Alternatives & Replacement Apps (2024)

In this article, we will explore the top 5 Beamer ( replacement tools for writing changelogs. A good Beamer replacement should not only match the features Beamer offers, but also provide additional features. Beamer has been a popular tool for writing product release notes, but there are now several great alternatives available.

To help you find the best Beamer replacement, we have researched and compiled a list of the top 5 tools. These tools offer a range of features and functionalities, allowing you to create effective and informative changelogs for your products. Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, these tools can help you streamline your changelog creation process and keep your users informed about your product updates.

What is Beamer (

Beamer is a professional, lightweight, and essential changelog tool that helps users announce new features and product updates. It is a popular tool in the industry for writing product release notes and has been around for a while.

Beamer Replacement and Alternatives

What is getbeamer used for?

Few companies use getbeamer notify our users about important changes, news and updates.

How much does getbeamer cost?

Beamer (aka pricing plans start at $49 per month for the Starter plan, and goes all the way up to $499 per month for larger plans. You end up paying more to Beamer as you grow your userbase.

Here’s a screenshot of Beamer’s pricing plans:

Beamer Pricing Plans

Why do you need a Beamer replacement?

While Beamer is a useful tool for writing product release notes, it has certain limitations. For instance, it doesn’t allow writing changelogs for multiple products or versions of the same product. Additionally, Beamer’s widgets are bloated and outdated in design. Therefore, it might be necessary to consider a Beamer replacement or alternative tool.

Several Beamer replacement options are available, each with its own unique features and benefits. By exploring these alternatives, users can find a tool that better suits their needs and preferences. Some popular options include GetBeamer, changelog tool, and other feedback management tools .

Top 5 Beamer replacement and alternatives tool

Here are the top 5 Beamer replacement and alternatives tool. Let’s take a deepet look at each of these Beamer alternative replacement tools.

1. featureOS

featureOS (formerly featureOS) is a changelog software that you can use to announce new features and updates to your users via a widget, email, or in-app notification. featureOS is a popular choice when writing changelog for products to keep your users engaged and informed about new features.

With your featureOS account, you can also collect instant product feedback from your users, and prioritize the most impactful feature to build that your users would use. You can collect feedback, build a roadmap , and write a changelog all in one place with featureOS.

featureOS Beamer Replacement

Try: Try the in-app popup changelog widget in the playground here .

Benefits of featureOS

featureOS changelog tool comes with features that helps you write the best release note for your product. Here are some of the benefits of featureOS:

  • AI enabled editor (via ChatGPT) support to write, edit, and improve existing changelog
  • Customizable changelog widget to match your website, product, or brand
  • Receive instant feedback from your users via reactions to changelog
  • What’s new widget builder to install within your product with a single line of code
  • Notify users via email about new product updates
  • In-app notifications to your users about new features and updates

featureOS Pricing & Plans: Starts for free to use for unlimited changelog and widgets.

featureOS (formerly featureOS) is more than a powerful changelog tool. featureOS is a complete product feedback management software with features like feedback boards, roadmap, changelog, and more. See a live demo of our own public feedback portal here .

Sounds about right? Sign up for free and start writing changelog for your product.

2. Headway

Headway is a popular changelog tool which has been existed for a while now. Headway offers very simple set of features and is targeted towards independent developers and very small products.

Headway Beamer Replacement

Headway comes with one type of widget, and a hosted changelog portal. Headwayapp is a good choice if you are looking for a simple changelog tool.

Headway Pricing & Plans: Starts at $29/month and that’s the only plan they offer.

Before you choose Headway, you should know that Headwayapp has stopped development of new features or bug fixes for years now, and it only a changelog tool, and not a complete product feedback management software like featureOS.

For the price, there is no custom branding, no email notifications, or customizable widgets that fits your brand. There is also no easy way for you to remove the Headwayapp branding from the widget that you put in your product.

Besides all the shortcomings of Headway, it is still a good choice if you are an independent developer running a product for a few customers.

Alternatively, if you are already a Headwayapp customer, you can migrate to featureOS for free. Just reach out to us , and we will manage the rest for you.

3. Notion

Notion is a very popular note taking tool that some of the SaaS companies are using to publish changelog. Notion is very popular among indie developers, and small teams who use Notion to collaborate on documents, and manage their tasks (sometimes).

Notion Beamer Replacement

The best part about Notion is the ability to collaborate with your team to write changelog. But you can already achieve that with a purpose-built changelog tool like featureOS . On the other hand, you can also take advantage of the vast variety of release notes templates that Notion offers in their template marketplace.

Though this is not an ideal changelog tool that you can use, if you want something really quick, and you don’t care about your users’ engagement, design, and retention, then Notion could be your option.

You can start using Notion for free, but setting up custom domains, and other features you might need to publish changelog might take a lot of engineering effort for you.

Tip: Looking for a changelog tool that’s free, easy to use, and beautiful? Try featureOS . Increase your user engagement and retention.

4. Noticeable

Noticeable is a changelog tool that offers a dedicated portal for publishing your changelog and also notify users based on particular segments. Noticeable also comes with some competitive features like custom brand colors, email notifications, and widgets.

Noticeable Beamer Replacement

The Starter plan on Noticeable starts at $19/month.

Unlike other tools, Noticeable is only a changelog publishing tool and not full-fledged product feedback management tool with changelog module in it. Noticeable is also built for one-person teams, and the base plan does not allow you to invite your team members to collaborate on writing changelog.

5. LaunchNotes

Launchnotes is a product update tool that has been launched recently. Being a new entrant in the market, the LaunchNotes team is rapidly developing new features to enhance the changelog publishing workflow and catch-up with the competition like featureOS and Beamer.

LaunchNotes Beamer Replacement

LaunchNotes Pricing & Plans: Starts at $29/month for the Starter plan.

LaunchNotes is a popular choice for product managers, along with other alternatives such as featureOS (formerly featureOS), Canny, and Beamer.

featureOS is the best Beamer replacement & alternative

Hundreds of people are looking for a better Beamer alternative tool and they migrate to featureOS. featureOS is better than Beamer in many ways. Here are some of the reasons why featureOS is the best Beamer replacement and alternative tool.

  1. The complete featureset of featureOS allows you to do so much more for free
  2. featureOS widgets are customizable and well-made to match your brand and product
  3. featureOS is a complete product feedback management tool with feedback boards, roadmap, and changelog
  4. Customer support is incredible and fastest in the industry
  5. featureOS is free to use for unlimited changelog and widgets

The best companies in the world like Uber, Buffer, and more trust featureOS to write product changelog, and grow user engagement. You can too. The first 14-days are on us for you on the highest plan, then you choose which plan is best for you. Sign up for free and start writing changelog for your product.

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