Productboard Pricing (with Calculator): Updated May 2024

Productboard Pricing (with Calculator): Updated May 2024

Productboard is a customer-centric product management platform for creating visual product roadmaps . With good integrations, Productboard allows you to plug-in the platform with your existing workflow and build data-informed products for your customers.

With the data you collect via Productboard from your customers, the platform also helps you prioritize feature requests via feedback boards, votes, and many other factors.

Let us understand Productboard’s pricing? Is Productboard worth the price? Who uses Productboard? Everything you need to know.

Productboard latest pricing (2024 update)

According to Productboard’s website, the company offers three different pre-defined plans, and an Enterprise plan. Productboard’s pricing plans are:

  • Starter plan: Free
  • Essentials plan: Costs $25/month/maker
  • Pro plan: Costs $75/month/maker (minimum 2 makers)

You can also get more details about the features available for each pricing plan at Productboard’s pricing page .

Productboard pricing page from July 2024

How much does Productboard Enterprise Plan cost?

The Productboard’s Enterprise Plan pricing starts from $80,000 per year for 20 makers (minimum). The costs can go up to $120,000 per year depending on the customizations and compliance.

Is Productboard free to try?

Does Productboard have a free plan? No. But Productboard is free to try for 15-days on their highest (Scale) plan for all the users. If you are an enterprise company, the best way to signup for Productboard is to contact their sales team.

Productboard does not require a credit card to be entered while signing up for a trial account. But you will be asked to enter credit card details when you approach the end of your 15-day trial period.

Does Productboard offer a custom onboarding process?

Yes. Productboard can design a custom onboarding process for your organization at the cost of $6000 and above. There is no free on-boarding process like featureOS on Productboard.

Here’s a screenshot of Productboard’s onboarding pricing for each plan.

Productboard onboarding plan

Is Productboard Community paid?

Yes. Productboard’s Productmakers Community is a paid community that is accessible only when you have a paid plan with Productboard. Productmakers community is not open to everyone.

Is Productboard Pricing constant or dynamic?

Productboard’s pricing is dynamically priced. This means, you cannot predict how much you will be charged at the end of the month since the cost of using Productboard is based on the usage.

So if you are a growing company facing a surge of users in a particular month, you will be paying more than just $100/maker/month. The usage-based pricing could cost you upwards of thousands of dollars per month for managing customer feedback on Productboard.

Maker vs. Contributor on Productboard. What’s the difference?

Productboard, by default, comes with two major user roles:

  1. Makers
  2. Contributors

These user roles define the level of access someone has to their Productboard account. Here’s the difference between a Maker and Contributor on Productboard:

Maker: Makers on Productboard are the administrators with access to billing, company profile, and admin access throughout the platform.

Contributors: Contributors on Productboard are regular users who can submit posts, reply to comments and vote on feature requests. These users do not have edit access to any Productboard features.

How to calculate Productboard Pricing (Pricing Calculator)

Productboard does not have a static pricing methodology like the way featureOS Pricing does. The month-over-month expenses for your Productboard account could vary based on the usage, team size, and the type of plan you are on.

To help you understand more about Productboard’s pricing, let us take two use-cases into account:

  1. A small startup company with a few hundred users
  2. A fast-scaling company with 25 team members

Case #1: How much does Productboard cost for small SaaS product team?

For the first use-case, let us quickly see how much Productboard would cost for a small team of 5 people in a SaaS product organization. You are signing up for Productboard to collect, manage, and respond to customer feedback while building a product roadmap based on user feedback. In this case, you want a simple platform that everyone in your 5 member team can easily use to manage customer feedback.

Since you are a small team of SaaS product people, you could go with Productboard’s Pro plan which starts at $60/maker/month. In total, using Productboard for 5 member team would cost $300 per month. In comparison, featureOS would cost you $49/month for features that are far ahead than what Productboard offers.

Here’s the cost comparison between Productboard and featureOS for a 5 member product team:

Monthly (5 makers)Yearly (5 makers)

Case #2: How much does Productboard cost for 25-member SaaS product team?

The second use-case here is for a scale-up team with 25 product makers who would like to use Productboard. For a company of this size, Productboard suggests going with a Pro plan, which is the basic plan that offers the features that you need to manage feedback. It is also highly likely that you would need integrations with Productboard like Slack, Intercom, Salesforce and such. With the Pro plan on Productboard, the total cost you would be paying per month is $1500 for 25 makers.

With featureOS, for a 25 member team, you can choose to go with the Fly High plan which comes with 10 administrators by default, and $3 per additional admin per month. So would cost just $144 per month per company with featureOS, when compared to $1500 on Productboard.

Here’s a cost comparison table that explains the cost difference between Productboard and featureOS for 25 makers:

Monthly (25 makers)Yearly (25 makers)

Who is Productboard ideal for?

Productboard is built for large-scale enterprise companies who can afford to pay thousands of dollars per month to collect customer feedback. Productboard is not built for startup or scale-up companies who would like to keep their cost in-check to get the best value for money they are paying for a product.

What are the best alternatives to Productboard?

There are some powerful alternatives to Productboard that are very cost-efficient, and with loads of features that helps you build great products. When looking for an Productboard alternative, you would look for things like:

  1. Easy to use product feedback tool
  2. Ability to create roadmap
  3. Neatly designed platform with customizations
  4. Affordable pricing

featureOS is the #1 Productboard alternative for managing customer feedback, building product roadmap, and to publish product changelog . With thousands of SaaS product companies using featureOS everyday, the tool has quickly become industry favorite to centralize customer feedback .

If you are switching from Productboard , you would be saving thousands of dollars per month with featureOS’s predictable and static pricing plans .

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