What is Featurebase?

Featurebase is a platform that provides features like public feedback boards, voting on ideas, roadmaps, changelogs, in-app widgets, and more to engage with users throughout the feedback lifecycle.

Who uses Featurebase?

Independent developers and small companies use Featurebase to manage their customer feedback. Since Featurebase is quite modern, newer companies tend to like Featurebase for the simplicity and pricing.

What are the benefits of Featurebase?

Featurebase comes with its own set of benefits or advantages. Here are some of the top benefits of Featurebase:

  • Centralized place to collect, organize and prioritize user feedback
  • Data-driven approach to decide which features to build next based on user votes
  • Simple and intuitive user interface designed for modern startups
  • Integrations to fit into existing workflows and tools

What features come with Featurebase account?

Featurebase comes with some of the basic features a product feedback tool should have:

  • Feedback portal or embeddable widgets to collect user ideas, bug reports, feature requests
  • Voting system for users to upvote/downvote ideas to show importance
  • Roadmap to showcase planned, in-progress and completed features
  • Changelog to announce new releases and product updates
  • Prioritization frameworks like value vs effort analysis

What are some of the drawbacks of Featurebase

Featurebase (just like any other product) has its own set of drawbacks:

  • Pricing is considered relatively expensive, especially the premium plan
  • Free plan is quite limited, supporting only 1 feedback board
  • Adding more admins/managers requires paying extra fees
  • Customization options are comparatively less
  • Lacks language support beyond English
  • Complex structure can be difficult for beginners/small teams
  • A few complaints about lack of new features/updates

Featurebase Pricing

Featurebase has two main pricing tiers:

Growth Plan at $49/month:

  • Unlimited end users and posts
  • 5 feedback boards
  • Basic integrations
  • 4 admins (extra $10/month for more)

Premium Plan at $149/month:

  • All features like unlimited boards, SSO, user segmentation
  • 8 admins (extra $10/month for more)
  • All advanced integrations

Featurebase also offers a free plan for small teams to get started with capturing unlimited feedback on 1 board.

How does Featurebase compare to featureOS?

featureOS is the pioneer in the industry when it comes to offering a customer feedback platform. featureOS is known for its scale, and caters to SMBs and Enterprises across the globe.

When a product grows, and when people get serious about managing customer feedback, they come to featureOS for various reasons. Here are a few reasons why people choose featureOS over Featurebase:

  1. Stability: featureOS is known for its stable platform that scales as your product scales.
  2. Customization: featureOS is very customizable with its APIs, SDKs, and more. You can write your own custom CSS to override any featureOS class and make it your own.
  3. Customer Support: Exceptional customer support by professional team is necessary for serious product companies. Skcript (parent company to featureOS) has been in the industry since 2013, and carry a ton of experience building products.
  4. Best-in-class AI: Unmatched featureOS AI’s accuracy and training has been a major factor customers love using featureOS.
  5. Integrations: featureOS integrates with almost every tool you can imagine, and the team is known to move super fast to build new integrations.

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Screenshot of featureOS feedback boards where users can vote on product features