Top 10 FeatureBase alternatives you should evaluate in 2024

Top 10 FeatureBase alternatives you should evaluate in 2024

Here’s a complete guide to the list of Featurebase alternatives that you shouldn’t miss when choosing a feedback management tool for your product. Let me walk you through each one of these best Featurebase alternatives along with their pros and cons.

Wondering to find the top alternatives for Featurebase? We have got you the list of 10 best Featurebase alternatives that can serve you better:

  1. featureOS - Easiest to use and suits all scales of businesses
  2. Canny - Only suitable for very small or very large businesses
  3. Upvoty - Preferred to collect customer feedback in a single votable idea board
  4. Sleekplan - Suitable for small teams
  5. Frill - Simple feedback tool for small organizations
  6. ProductBoard - Suitable only for product feedback management
  7. Olvy - Preferred for small businesses
  8. Rapidr - Simple tool suitable for growing startups
  9. Nolt - Only suitable for very small and early-stage businesses
  10. Pendo - Suitable for very large businesses

Note: Go through the deep dive into Featurebase Pricing in 2024 and whether it is worth it.

Why alternatives for Featurebase?

Though Featurebase is one of the leading feedback management software in the industry, the drawbacks analyzed from it, makes its users and other product managers look for other alternatives.

We have listed the best 10 alternatives for Featurebase in this article. You can also find the cons of this software in the list below:

Language Limitations

Featurebase does not support languages other than English. This makes customers feel difficult when they need the translation.

Complex Structure:

Though Featurebase has a wide range of features, its complex structure needs more learning about the software. Hence beginners and startups find it hard to manage the tool.

Expensive for small businesses and startups:

The pricing of Featurebase suits mainly for large scales and very large scale businesses. This makes them not available for small businesses who ate looking for an affordable feedback management tool.

Customization constraints:

Featurebase users feel that the customizations available for them are comparatively less, which makes them go for an alternative.

Let’s dive deep into each feedback management software that serves as a better alternative for Featurebase!

1. featureOS

featureOS is the best feedback management tool in the market. It is also the easiest and trustworthy tool that can help you enhance your business. It is suitable for businesses of all scales and has gained the trust of many such organizations.


  • In-app feedback widgets to collect customer feedback.
  • Categorize different feedbacks under different categories on the Feedback boards .
  • Allow users to submit feedback anonymously.
  • Super fast response times for feedback widgets.
  • Automatically syncs feedback board with Kanban Roadmap.
  • Create custom sync rules between JIRA and featureOS.
  • Let the users share the status of feedback to their customers.
  • Hosted changelog portal to announce new product updates.
  • Fully customizable changelog widgets to fit your brand.
  • Rich, Powerful, and Beautiful Changelog Editor.


Though featureOS is currently working to make the software opt for large scale businesses, currently it is highly suitable for small scale and startup businesses.


featureOS serves as the best feedback management tool with the simplest pricing. It lets you use their free trial pack for 14 days and also gives you a 7- days extension of the trial pack. The basic subscription plan for featureOS starts from $29/month. Comparing the other feedback management tools, featureOS provides you with more exciting features in its basic plan itself.

The subscription of featureOS also includes two other plans : Take Flight and Fly High. Take Flight is the plan that is preferred for teams that are growing fast and breaking things. This plan costs $79/month. On the other hand, Fly High costs $149/month, which is suitable for larger teams and companies with super powers. They also provide a detailed feature breakdown for each plan. So, featureOS holds different subscription plans for businesses of all scales.

2. Canny

Canny stands out as a popular solution for enterprise-level clients seeking robust product roadmap and feature request capabilities. Beyond its core functionalities, Canny has an enhanced user interface and seamless user experience, suitable mainly for large-scale businesses. Canny is a b2b customer feedback tool that lets you track which customers want which feature.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Better feedback management
  • More customization options
  • Better integration capabilities


  • Does not support bulk editing
  • Language limitations (Only English is supported)
  • Does not help in improving the product
  • Only few customizations available for branding
  • Does not support dark mode


Canny is a not-so-expensive feedback management software with its subscription plans starting from $79/month. The premium subscription plan costs around $359/month.

3. Upvoty

Upvoty is one of the best alternatives for Featurebase. It is a platform aimed at simplifying the management of customer feedback, enabling businesses to collect, prioritize, and address suggestions effectively. Upvoty empowers companies to possess valuable insights from their users, facilitating data-informed decisions to enhance their offerings.


  • Customizable feedback boards
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Better customer support
  • Prioritization features are good


  • Poor customer support
  • More negative reviews
  • Lack of new feature updates and product development
  • No value for money
  • Inactive developer team
  • Aged user interface


Upvoty is a cost-effective feedback management solution, offering subscription plans that commence at $15 per month. For those seeking advanced features, their unlimited power subscription plan is available at approximately $99/month per month.

4. Sleekplan

Sleekplan is an affordable alternative for Featurebase. It is mainly suitable for startup businesses and small scale organizations. You can get the feedback from several website visitors with its website widget. Sleekplan focuses mainly on NPS and CSAT.


  • Customizable feedback forms
  • Seamless integration capabilities
  • Facilitates collaboration among team members
  • Offers responsive customer support to assist users with any questions or issues


  • Only few integrations are allowed
  • Customization options are less
  • Duplicate feedbacks cannot be detected
  • Does not support bulk editing


Sleekplan provides an affordable option for businesses of varying sizes to access comprehensive feedback management tools. With its starting subscription at just $13 per month, it caters to the budget-conscious while delivering valuable functionalities.

5. Frill

With its simple design and easier supports, Frill can be one of the best alternatives for Featurebase. Frill has an updated and modern UI and it is simple to use. Also Frill is a language friendly software which can translate into any language. Though it has several attracting features, Frill’s drawback should also be taken into consideration.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable feedback widgets
  • Provides detailed analytics and reporting tools
  • Better customization options


  • Filtering system is limited
  • Does not prioritize feedbacks
  • Feedback portal is slow
  • Lack of a separate dashboard for moderating and managing feedback


Businesses can opt for Frill’s premium subscription plan, priced at around $25 per month, for access to an expanded set of features and enhanced capabilities. This higher-tier plan is designed to accommodate the demands of larger enterprises and those with more complex feedback management needs, which costs around $149 per month.

6. ProductBoard

ProductBoard is also a popular feedback management tool which can be considered as an alternative to Featurebase. We can view several e-mails from or feedbacks in one unified view using ProductBoard . This provides the complete roadmap to the users which can help in their business growth.


  • Comprehensive product management
  • Facilitates collaboration and communication
  • Customer-centric approach


  • Only focuses on product roadmap
  • Provides a complicated user experience
  • Does not satisfy customers
  • Many negative reviews


The $19/month starting price point positions Productboard as a viable option for startups and small businesses looking to establish efficient feedback management practices without breaking the bank. If you want upgraded features, subscribe to their premium plan which will cost around $59/ month.

7. Olvy

Olvy is the feedback management tool that looks into the user intent and provides them a proper solution for feedback queries. It has a user-friendly interface which can enhance its user engagement. Even with some useful features embedded, Olvy also has some drawbacks that makes its users uncomfortable.


  • Better integration
  • Analyze feedback and interactions
  • User friendly UI


  • Poor integration
  • Difficulties in Navigation and Understanding metrics
  • Improper font style
  • Irrelevant functionalities


Olvy’s pricing strategy reflects its commitment to providing accessible yet robust feedback management solutions. By offering scalable subscription plans at competitive price of $48/month, Olvy empowers businesses to harness the power of feedback to drive growth and innovation.

8. Rapidr

Raipdr lets the users track the feature requests thereby understanding customer needs. Also, feedbacks can be collected in a centralised platform in Rapidr . These features mainly ranks Rapidr as one of the best alternatives for Featurebase.


  • Cost-effective solution
  • Support varying workflows
  • Easy to use
  • Better customizations


  • Only few integrations are supported
  • Many features are still under creation
  • Comparatively new to the market
  • SOC2 is not available


Rapidr attracts users with its affordable subscription plans. Their basic plan starts at $49 per month while their premium business plan costs around $199 per month.

9. Nolt

Small businesses prefer Nolt than Featurebase because it is more friendly to them and simpler to use. It is a lightweight feedback management software with basic features. Nolt has a very modern user interface. It also has several cons that has to be kept in mind.


  • Supports anonymous voting
  • Simple user interface
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Better integrations


  • Duplicate posts cannot be detected
  • Filtering is not supported
  • Bulk editing cannot be done
  • Poor admin dashboard
  • Lack of changelog for closing the feedback loops with users


Nolt’s premium subscription plan, priced at $69/month, offers an array of advanced features tailored to meet the demands of larger organizations. They also have their basic plan starting at a range of $29/month.

10. Pendo

If you own a medium or large scale business and are looking for an alternative to Featurebase, then  will suit you. Pendo is one of the best alternatives for Featurebase in the market. With all the updated features, Pendo is expensive than other feedback softwares.


  • User Behavior Analytics
  • Facilitates gathering feedback from users directly within the product interface
  • Enables businesses to segment users based on various criteria
  • Offers responsive customer support


  • Too lengthy onboarding process
  • Expensive for startups and small businesses
  • Complicated structure for beginners
  • Lack of customization options
  • Difficulty in dashboard management

Pricing  is quite expensive compared to others. You can subscribe to their basic plan which costs around $7,000 a year, while their premium plan rises upto $35,000 for 10,000 MAUs.

Why choose featureOS?

Compared to all the Featurebase alternatives, featureOS stands as the best feedback management software for your product. With its useful features, wide customization options and user-friendly UI, you can collect, categorize, manage and analyze feedbacks from various sources. featureOS has already gained the trust of many top SaaS products like Buffer , thus being one of the leading competitors in the industry.

What are you waiting for? Start your 14-day trial or hop on a demo to experience how effortless it is to manage feedback with featureOS!

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