FeatureBase Pricing 2024: Is It Worth It?

FeatureBase Pricing 2024: Is It Worth It?

Does the pricing of FeatureBase for 2024 affordable? In this article, we’ll delve into the specifics of each plan, helping you determine if it’s a worthwhile investment. Keep reading!

Do you feel that FeatureBase is quite expensive for its roadmaps and other features? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! We have answered all your confusions making you understand if FeatureBase is really worth the money or not.

Note: Read the detailed article on What is Featurebase .

Everything about Featurebase Pricing in 2024

FeatureBase’s pricing has a two-tiered plan. We’ll look deeper into each of this tier and decide which one would suit you better.

1. Featurebase Growth Plan

The basic plan of FeatureBase, also called as “Growth”, allows unlimited end users and posts. Here are the other features you can experience:

  • Guest posting, commenting and voting
  • Features such as cutomizable statuses, internal comments, etc.
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • Integrations (Intercom, Linear, Jira, Discord, Slack, etc)

This plan is suitable for teams or businesses who needs the extra features which the free pack of FeatureBase doesn’t support.

This plan costs around $49 per month and the added advantage of this plan is that you don’t need a credit card to take up this offer.

What does Featurebase not support

Though this plan offers a wide range of features at a rate of $49 per month, it still got limitations which include:

  • Supports only 4 admins. You will have to pay $10/month additionally for more admin access.
  • Supports only 5 feedback boards.
  • Does not support features like Single sign-on, user segmentation, user analytics, email customizations and prioritization of modules.

2. Featurebase Premium Plan

The Premium plan of FeatureBase enables access to all the features that their growth plan does not support. Besides that, there are several other features you can experience with this plan, which includes:

  • Unlimited feedback boards.
  • Supports all widgets.
  • Supports all types of integrations (Jira, Clickup, Zapier, Segment, etc).
  • Email customizations.

This plan allows access to 8 managers or admins and if you want to add up the number, you will have to pay an additional charge of $10/month.

FeatureBase’s premium plan costs around $149/month. This plan also lets you switch to it without needing a credit card.

Is FeatureBase free to use?

Featurebase has a basic plan for the free of cost. The basic plan of FeatureBase supports several features like:

  • Unlimited posts.
  • Public roadmap and Changelog.
  • All core features.
  • Automatic email notifications.

This plan only allows one admin access and is suitable for small teams or businesses to collect and manage feedback requests.

FeatureBase free trial

Yes, FeatureBase offers a 10-days trial pack with no credit card required. You can get access to most of their features in this time period.

Note: Once you reach the 11th day, you will be asked to opt for any one of their plans. But all your data will be saved safe in case you want to upgrade later.

Featurebase alternatives in 2024

Do you feel FeatureBase is quite expensive and not comfortable for your business? Then, don’t worry. We know what you are looking for! Here’s a list of top user feedback tools that are available at an affordable cost:

  • featureOS - The most powerful way to organize feedback in one place.
  • Frill - Simple and suitable for small organizations.
  • Upvoty - Uses single votable idea board to collect customer feedback.
  • Canny.io - Suitable for super small or enterprise companies.
  • Sleekplan - Affordable pricing but limited features.
  • ProductBoard - Suitable for issue management.
  • Olvy - Preferred for small businesses.
  • Raipdr - Simple tool suitable for growing startups.
  • Nolt - Suitable only for very small and early-stage businesses.
  • Pendo.io - Suitable for very large businesses.

You can know in detail about these tools from the FeatureBase alternatives and decide which tool suits you the best.

Before you hastily make a decision, let’s also examine the limitations of Featurebase that you should consider when evaluating it against competitors or other alternatives.

Featurebase Drawbacks

Despite being a top contender in the feedback management software industry, the identified drawbacks of FeatureBase compel its users and other product managers to seek alternative solutions.

  • Language Limitations - Only supports English
  • Complex Structure - Difficult to use for beginners and small startups
  • Expensive for small businesses and startups - Suits only large scales and very large scale businesses
  • Customization constraints - Customization options are comparatively less

Is FeatureBase worth the price?

If you are looking for a feedback tool with basic features and feature request management, then FeatureBase is the one for you!

Though FeatureBase serves as one of the best feedback management tool in the market, its pricing plans are quite expensive. Their free plan which is free of cost does not support many of its features and its other two plans are expensive for smaller teams and businesses.

featureOS is one of the best alternatives for FeatureBase, taking in consideration, both features and pricing . featureOS has already gained the trust of many top SaaS products like Buffer , thus being one of the leading competitors in the industry. You can start your 14-day trial pack or schedule a demo of featureOS and experience how effortlessly it works!

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