UserVoice Pricing (2024): Details & Reviews

UserVoice Pricing (2024): Details & Reviews

How much does UserVoice cost per month? UserVoice starts at $499.99 per month per user for their customer feedback management software . For any additional features, like customizing the looks, custom domains and adding more team members you are going to have to pay more.

Customer feedback management is very crucial today. Especially in an era where SaaS companies are creating a positive impact in the world, the price point of UserVoice just doesn’t cut it for SaaS companies. For a SaaS company, who’s price point is $50, they will not be able to afford UserVoice, which is priced at an insane $500 per month per user.

With pricing starting from $6000+ or $10,000+ per year, UserVoice is not a great value for money for companies other than Microsoft. If you need better value for money, you can consider featureOS as UserVoice alternative . featureOS helps you centralize user feedback from various sources, plan product roadmap, and even publish product changelog all-in-one platform. featureOS pricing starts at $19/month. Learn more →

The number of users who would opt for UserVoice, who’s features are expensive and not viable are choosing better alternatives with modern tools that are available at just $19/month/organization .

The problem that people face with UserVoice’s cost is nothing new. People like Sergey, Saravana and Sven have expressed this way back even in 2014:

UserVoice Pricing Cry on Twitter UserVoice Pricing Cry on Twitter

Now, let us break down the list of changes that UserVoice made that clearly shows their intention in pricing their product.

‎UserVoice Pricing in 2024

UserVoice comes with two product lines (Source: Quora ):

  1. UserVoice for Customer Support (Starts at $15/user/month)
  2. UserVoice for Product Management (Starts at $499.99/user/month)

UserVoice for Customer Support starts at $15 per month per user, but UserVoice for Product Management starts at $499 per month per product manager. These UserVoice pricing are for the basic features, and not advanced features that other UserVoice alternatives offer.

No direct sign-up and use with UserVoice

Even today, where products like featureOS are allowing users to sign-up, and use, UserVoice does not allow users to just start using their product. The friction that users have and the wait time to just sign-up for UserVoice is not minutes or hours, it could even be days or weeks.

When you are a Product Owner, seeking for a customer feedback tool to have feature upvotes, or feature request tracking or a good feature request software that can even work on phone, you don’t want to wait for some sales person to convince you to pay them an insane $500 per month. You must be able to click a couple of buttons, sign-up and start using the product to focus on your work.

Is there a free trial of UserVoice?

No. UserVoice only offers direct paid plans and UserVoice does not offer trial accounts.

Does UserVoice offer Discounts?

There are no discounts that UserVoice offers. UserVoice also confirms this directly on their official support page stating that there are no discounts, whatsoever. And trust me, it kind of hits hard when such a large company, with customers like Microsoft (which is when they increased their price), does not offer any discounts to its users like us.

UserVoice Support Page talks about no discounts

UserVoice’s Support System is hard

When we were consulting for a company who were using UserVoice (now migrated to featureOS ), we had a chance to interact with their support team. The issue took nearly three full days to resolve, which is something that could cost companies their reputation.

What is UserVoice for?

We believe that any product must be priced in a fair manner. Though UserVoice’s target market is the enterprise segment, it creates a sense of vendor lock-in if you come to think about it. Meaning, if you are an enterprise, your user-base is going to be fairly large. So the number of feedback requests or feature upvotes are going to be large.

But during times when you are planning to cut down cost, you cannot simply move away from UserVoice since you have a ton of data stored in it. So ultimately, since UserVoice does not offer discounts, you are forced to pay at least a $500 fee per month to the product that does not support migration or help you with discounts.

With other products today, that are better alternatives to UserVoice, this is not the case. Plans on featureOS start at just $10/month, and goes only up to $350/month for Enterprises with dedicated support teams and so much more with unlimited usage.

Does UserVoice ever get updated?

Doesn’t look like it. It’s been years since we say any major change in their UI, especially the instance that Microsoft uses to manage product feedback.

Say hello to featureOS

featureOS is a better alternative to UserVoice with features like a mobile app for admins and unlimited usage, all of it starting at just $10/month/company. This is insanely well priced for what its worth.

Try featureOS free

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