Compared: Top 12 Alternatives for SaaS Products

Compared: Top 12 Alternatives for SaaS Products Alternatives are tools that allow you to collect user feedback, build a product roadmap from the feedback, and publish changelog all in one single tool. Most importantly, apps like should cost much lesser when compared to Canny io pricing of over $499/month ↗ .

Recently, has been under heavy criticism from their customers for increasing their pricing without prior warning and also giving no alternatives to their existing customers. This has pushed customers to look for alternatives that provide much better value for their money than to use just an expensive tool like Canny with less feature set.

Canny Pricing Change Reaction on Twitter

I have curated a list of great alternatives for you to make the right choice for your SaaS product.

Why look for Alternative?

Since the beginning of Canny, they have been notoriously known for not listening to their customers. One good example is the way they force their customers to place a “Powered by” link on customers’ portal to get traction for their product. Here’s a quick review from their customer on Capterra ↗ .

Review of from Capterra

The second biggest reason is the way left their customers to suffer by increasing their pricing from $50 to $400 in a day. Since did not retain the same pricing for their existing customers, this pushed a lot of customers to move from to some of the tools mentioned in this list below.

What to look out for in Alternative?

While choosing an alternative to , be sure to check for the following feature set. If you are an existing customer of, this checklist helps you as well, since you won’t lose any features when migrating from to another tool like featureOS . The tools that I have listed below have the same features as if not more.

You are probably looking for a tool that is rich in design, works super fast, and is designed specifically for SaaS products to get the best value for the time you spend on a product like this.

List of 12 Alternatives

Whether you are looking for a better feature set or you want to use a tool with predictable cost per month, these are the best alternatives you should try for your SaaS product.

1. featureOS

featureOS Canny Alternative

featureOS is a powerful user feedback management tool for SaaS companies with better features, design, and pricing than The dashboard is built for power users, and is the best alternative for companies of any size. With featureOS, you can have your customers vote on ideas, check priority ratings, and much more to plan your product roadmap.


  • Private & public user feedback boards
  • Idea upvoting & priority ratings
  • New feature release notes
  • Widgets, embeds, & APIs
  • Beautiful design
  • Customizable product roadmap
  • Custom form templates

Choose featureOS if you want to: ‘You want a powerful user feedback platform.’, ‘You want to integrate with your existing apps.’, ‘You want to collaborate with your team on user feedback.’, ‘You want better value to cost ratio.’, ‘You want to embed feedback touchpoints in different places.’,


featureOS is free to try for 14-days on all plans. Post that, you can get value out of featureOS for just $19/month making it a great alternative.

2. Pendo

Pendo Canny Alternative

Pendo is for teams of large sizes with complex product development workflow. Pendo is slightly different from other alternatives due to the way it works, their pricing, and the user interface. With Pendo, you get in-app guides, user feedback, analytics, workflows and much more. If you are in the lookout for a very focused user feedback tool , with roadmap and release notes features, you are better with other alternatives in this list.


  • In-app guides
  • Feedback Boards
  • Roadmapping
  • User onboarding workflows


Pendo is for the enterprise customers with multi-level product development workflows. They do not mention their pricing upfront. From my research, the Startup package costs over $12,000 per year with an additional $1500 for implementation.

3. Productboard

Productboard Canny Alternative

Productboard has been a good starting point for many managers who want to build a roadmap for their product. The difference is that with Productboard, you build the roadmap and then share it with their customers to vote. The biggest issue has been their complex interface and slow customer support.


  • Prioritization framework (Learn about COPE framework )
  • Publish Product Roadmap
  • Public feedback board
  • Multiple feedback boards for multiple use-cases


The basic plan of Productboard costs you $20 per user per month. This does not include features like custom domains and such. You can learn more about the pricing in our detailed Productboard Pricing Guide .

4. Nolt

Nolt Canny Alternative

Nolt is a user feedback software focused only on the feedback boards. The software is simple to user for small product teams and is preferred mostly by indie developers.


  • Feedback boards
  • Custom domains
  • Embeds and widgets


Nolt is priced differently among all the other alternatives. Nolt costs $25 per board per month.

5. Convas

Convas Canny Alternative

Convas is a new entrant in the market which is focused on gathering customer feedback via feedback boards.


  • Feedback pages
  • Product Roadmap
  • Widget


Convas starts at $15 per month for just 100 tracked users. Beyond which you will need to pay $150/month to take advantage of all other features.

6. Usersnap

Usersnap Canny Alternative

Usersnap is yet another alternative for user feedback management. Usersnap is built for small SaaS products.


  • API based integration for apps
  • Statistics and analytics of user feedback
  • Product surveys
  • Video and screenshot captures


Usersnap pricing starts at $19 per month for two users and 1 widget. Once you exhaust this limit, you need to pay $99 per month to maintain your account.

7. Savio

Savio Canny Alternative is the alternative you need to consider if you need something cheap with simple features. It allows you to collect feedback from customers, embed feedback boards within your product and much more.


  • Collect and manage customer feedback from multiple sources
  • Notify users about status updates
  • Publish changelog and update users


Savio comes with a free plan which gives you only one user. You can get started with Savio for $25/month for 3 users.

8. Upvoty

Upvoty Canny Alternative

Upvoty is a feature request management tool with features like feedback boards, roadmap, and changelog. The app is known to have a simple user interface.


  • Feedback boards
  • Customizable styling
  • Widgets & product roadmap


Upvoty’s pricing starts at $15/month for a limited 1 board, and just 150 tracked users. After you exhaust this limit, you need to upgrade to their $35 per month plan.

9. UserVoice

UserVoice Canny Alternative

UserVoice has been there for a long time now. UserVoice is designed to work for large companies like Microsoft, who can have their customers provide feedback and vote on features on a hosted platform. UserVoice also helps companies gather feedback within internal teams as well.


  • Colelct feedback from Slack, Microsoft Teams and APIs
  • Analytics on user feedback
  • Publish product roadmap
  • Collaborate on feedback internally


UserVoice is an enterprise software. The pricing is designed for large enterprises who needs to manage customer feedback. The price of which starts at $2,000 and upwards per month. Read more about latest UserVoice pricing here .

10. ProdPad

Prodpad Canny Alternative

ProdPad is yet another alternative which allows you to gather feedback via feedback boards, prioritize based on analytics, and build our a product roadmap with user inputs.


  • Idea management
  • Lean product roadmaps
  • Product idea analytics


ProdPad comes $25 per editor per month per module. So if you need to take advantage of product roadmap + feedback boards + prioritization, you will be paying $75 per editor per month.

11. Aha! Ideas

aha Canny Alternative

Aha! Ideas is a part of a larger suite of Aha! Software to help with product management. Aha! Ideas is ideal for large-scale companies with multiple product development teams.


  • Create feedback portal
  • Create status workflows
  • Analyze ideas & feedback
  • Update users via email


Pricing starts at $147 per month ($49/user/month for minimum of 3 users) for basic features.

12. Fider

Fider Canny Alternative

Fider is an open source feedback management platform which is not a hosted solution. If you need to use Fider and convinced with its features, you need to have your own hosting solution to maintain it.


  • User feedback boards
  • Open source and self-hosted
  • Community developed software


Fider is a free feedback management software which is open source for anyone to use and host. Fider Cloud is an upcoming tool from the Fider team, which costs $30 per month.

Which Alternative to choose?

Now that you got a glimpse of the features other Alternatives offer, you need to choose a tool that works just right for you. Here are some quick points to consider when choosing an app like

  1. Does the Canny alternative comes with all the feature set?
  2. Does the Canny alternative come at better predictable pricing?
  3. Does the Canny alternative have good user experience and powerful dashboard?

If the answer is yes for all three questions above, you’re all set.

With a feature set more than what offers, featureOS is the most recommended alternative that you can get started for free and start a paid plan for as low as $19/month. featureOS, being the best alternative, hundreds of teams have migrated from to featureOS.

Get your own featureOS account for free to experience an amazing user interface, powerful feature set, and predictable pricing. Signup now →

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