Extract insights, suggestions, and more with featureOS AI

Make sense of thousands of customer feedback with featureOS AI. Use AI generated insights and suggestions to make quick product decisions that creates an impact.

AI Enabled Analytics

featureOS AI automatically analyzes all your customer feedback to identity key insights that might be useful for you.

All your customer feedback analysis happen automatically so you don’t have to decide what to analyze and what not to. Everything happens automatically for you.

Everyday, when you login to your featureOS account, you know there’s some data waiting for you to consume, and just take the next step based on that data.

Here are a bunch of things featureOS AI analyzes for you automatically:

  • Categorize feedback into themes like feature requests, bugs, competitor mentions and so much more.
  • Analyze the sentiment of the customer feedback as they come in.
  • Suggest next action points based on the type of customer who has the maximum impact on your business.
  • Generate user stories and acceptance criteria directly from feedback.

AI Enabled Suggestions

As you start collecting feedback from your customers, you might end up with a ton of data points to consider and it could quickly get overwhelming to decide what to do next.

Here are a few features that featureOS AI enables for you:

  • Suggest mapping feedback insights to existing features or potentially create new feature suggestions.
  • Suggest what to respond to a customer saving you time while responding to the customer.
  • Automatically drafted product changelog based on the recent features you have completed in your product.

AI Enabled Keywords

Automatic Duplication Detection

When a lot of your customers are sharing feedback with you, it might be a good idea to identify the duplicate ones and maintain a sane and simple feedback dashboard.

With featureOS AI, this happens automagically for you. As new customer feedback comes into the dashboard, featureOS AI detects the duplicate ones and automatically tells you what to do with them.

So just one click, and hundreds of duplicate customer feedback will be merged into one. This saves you time and effort.

Aside Comments

Collaborate internally within your team with Aside Comments. Aside comments allow you to have a conversation about a feedback or a post from your customer within your team. Giving you a private space to talk within your team.

Priority Ratings

Customer Weighted Ratings