Secure by design & intention

Learn how featureOS is desinged around privacy and security. How we keep your data safe and private.

Identity Management

featureOS meticulously manages your identity and your customers’ identities. featureOS comes with multiple ways in which you can manage your identity. You can choose from a variety of authentication methods like email authentication, PassKey, and so much more.

Email authentication

Users can authenticate using their email without having to rely on any other identity provider. Even with email authentication, users can choose to login with a one-time password that is sent to them via email before they are verified.

PassKey Support

PassKey is one of the most secure yet simple authentication methods. Users can login using their PassKey on featureOS by just placing their finger on their computer or scanning their face with technologies like FaceID on iOS.

Single Sign-on

featureOS is equipped with a powerful Single Sign-On (SSO) feature that allows users to login with your session details. This way, your customers do not need to login to featureOS when they are already signed in to your platform.

SCIM Support

For enterprise customers, System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) is one of the most popular and secure authentication methods. featureOS enables SCIM-based authentication for customers on our Enterprise plan.


featureOS is built around user privacy. It goes as deep as the decisions that we make while running the business. “Secure by default” is the phrase we remember when we begin work on any feature.


featureOS transfers data between you and our servers through HTTPS and prefers TLS 1.2 or later. Even the data at rest is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption, with delta backups happening every 24 hours.

Private features

Sometimes you might want to collaborate within your team privately, especially when you start working on features that you want to share with your customers as a surprise. featureOS lets you do that.

You can make any feedback board private, and even distinguish between your customers, contractors, and other stakeholders to get things done.

Guest interactions

You can choose to allow guests to interact with your feedback boards. You can let guests (anonymous or non-logged-in users) vote on feedback, submit feedback, and react to feedback with you.