More features

There's so much more to featureOS than you can imagine

Every featureOS customer gets a new feature every 14 days. That's the cycle we operate on.

Import & Export

Easily import millions of customer feedback into featureOS to make instant sense of their feedback using featureOS AI. This feature is powered by featureOS’s Synth Engine, which allows us to instantly analyze your feedback as they come, and automatically recommends what to do next.

Do the same when exporting data from featureOS.

Real-time sync

Sync your data between featureOS and your project management tools like JIRA, Linear, or ClickUp. You can even set custom rules that will allow you to sync only specific issues or only specific projects.

Fast. Super fast. Incredibly fast.

Everything is optimized to work as fast as you humanly can. To do that, we understand that we need to build a platform that works as fast as you will. featureOS is built to work extremely fast so that you can get things done faster.