Feedback Loop for a Product

Product Feedback Loop for Customer Feedback is a way of building product with customer feedback as one of the input.

What data can you get from Customer Feedback Loop?

The data that you could get from product feedback loop is invaluable. You get data like:

  1. New features that creates an impact
  2. Predict the importance of a feature
  3. Increase customer loyalty
  4. Build a action-driven product roadmap
  5. Increase customer retention

How to close customer feedback loop?

You can use tools like featureOS Feedback Boards to capture customer feedback, keep users updated as you start building the feature a customer requested, and ship it. This way your customers are always in the loop when you build a product that creates a direct impact on their lives.

With customer feedback loop tools, you can:

  1. Collect feedback and build a single source of truth
  2. Prioritize customer feedback
  3. Build a product roadmap with customer feedback
  4. Publish release notes when you ship new features
  5. Notify customers automatically with every update

Where can you source customer feedback to close feedback loop?

These are the most popular sources of customer feedback:

  1. Dedicated feedback portals
  2. Customer support channels
  3. Feedback widgets
  4. Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn
  5. NPS Surveys