Basic Unit of Development in Scrum

What is basic unit of development?

The basic unit of development in Scrum is the Sprint. Sprint is a crucial measure in Scrum which is also referred to as an iteration or a time-box of the feature that’s being developed.

How long does Basic Unit of Development last?

The basic unit of development (Sprint) usually lasts two-weeks. Scrum is organized by the product manager who also acts as the Scrum master to build a timeline that best suits the size of the team, product roadmap, and the budget they have in hand.

How to plan features that fits a Sprint cycle?

The best way to build a product roadmap that fits into a scrum cycle is to use a crowdsourced product feedback software where your customers submit feature requests in one place. You can then use that input from your customers to tag each feedback depending on the impact they could have on your product. This way, you develop features that are in high-demand from your customers, and create instant value to your users in every Sprint cycle.