Feature Request Management

As a product manager, you want to deliver the best product to your customers. You have to listen to the needs of your audience and then prioritize accordingly. It can feel overwhelming at times, though. If you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help!

What is feature request management?

Feature request management is a process by which product managers collect, organize and prioritize user feedback on new product features or enhancements. This allows makers of software tools and other products with digital components (like mobile apps) to better understand their audience’s requirements when building out their roadmap. Feature requests are typically submitted through a form that lets users submit a description of what they’d like added into the product along with any relevant details about why they think it would be useful for them as well as other customers in similar circumstances. Users can also vote on these requests so that developers know which ones are most important and/or popular among their user base before getting started on implementation plans.

How should I use feature request management?

The first step when building out your feature request process is choosing where you’ll collect feedback from customers ; this could be on social media channels like Twitter or Facebook where there’s already an established community presence dedicated solely towards providing input.